Important Notices

Notice of Amendment to Securities Agreement for Individual Accounts (Applicable to HK Account Holders)

Pursuant to Paragraph 36.1 ''Amendments'' of the Securities Agreement, please take notice that the following clauses have been amended and incorporated into the said Securities Agreement, and those amendments shall take effect from the date of this notice.

The summaries of amendments to the Securities agreement are as follows:

  1. Amendments have been made to enable you to open more than one securities trading account, including sub-accounts, under the Securities Agreement.
  2. A new Paragraph 2.6 has been included to reiterate that our company policies do not permit a custodian client to sell or transfer securities until the relevant securities have been delivered in good deliverable form.
  3. Definitions of "Authorised Persons" and "Trading Representatives" have been included in Paragraph 2.7.
  4. A new Paragraph 25 has been included regarding your right to close an existing account and processes relating thereto.
  5. The following new provisions have been included to ensure that we are in a position to comply with our legal obligations, and in particular with the United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA"):
    1. Paragraph 29.2;
    2. Paragraph 34.3; and
    3. Paragraph 35.

We have enclosed the "Notice of Amendment" which contains the detailed amendments to the Securities Agreement for your perusal.

Please click here for:

  1. Notice of Amendment for Individual Accounts (English)
  2. Notice of Amendment for Individual Accounts (Chinese)

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DBS Vickers (Hong Kong) Limited
May 2014