Investment Tools

Analysis Tools

Our comprehensive suite of investment tools helps you with information like company profiles, news, research reports, financial statements and financial ratios. In addition, you can set up your own criteria to screen and compare stocks.

Stock Screener


  • Choose from ready-made strategies that you can edit, customise and save for future use.
  • Create your own strategy using up to 5 conditions selected from over 100 parameters.
  • Screen and narrow down investment possibilities to manageable size.
  • Identify stocks that meet your own strategy from seven exchanges across Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

Stock Details


  • Conduct detailed company analysis with access to news, company snapshot, growth and strength ratios, financial statements and consensus estimates.
  • View warrants related to the underlying stock.
  • View comprehensive current and historical global analyst recommendations.
  • Access to award winning company research reports by DBS Group Research.

Stock Comparer


  • Compare stocks in the same sector, on your watchlists, or against other stocks.
  • Select up to 5 from a list of over 100 parameters to base your comparison.
  • Uncover potential stocks by comparing how other stocks are performing against your selected stock.

Transaction Screener


  • Filter large transactions in real-time to spot market opportunities by highlighting major transactions that move markets.
  • Gauge market trends by displaying trades of the entire stock market with values of more than $500K or $1M.

Warrants Analyser


  • Filter warrants by their underlying and view various warrant valuation measures.
  • Displays in-depth information such as Implied Volatility, Days to Maturity, Intrinsic Value and Gearing to help you better understand the pricing of a warrant.

Advanced Market Data


  • Customise and view real-time data for up to 4 stocks simultaneously, with the option to perform a buy/sell trade on the same screen.
  • Save your viewing options for easy access in the future.
  • Trade Distribution:
    List all transactions in real-time sorted by transacted price.
  • Bid & Ask (Market Depth):
    View up to 10 levels of Bid and Ask prices and monitor prices on both the buy and sell sides.
  • Times & Sales:
    View a record of all transactions made; transactions with values of more than $100K are highlighted for easy reference.