DBS NUSSU Debit Card

DBS NUSSU Debit Card


You can sign for purchases in Singapore and overseas. You can pay using your PIN through service providers such as NETS and at all AXS stations, plus withdraw money at over 1000 DBS/POSB ATMs island-wide. You can even shop online or order via phone or mail. And since you are in Singapore, enjoy mouth-watering deals at over 600 outlets.

  • Your all-in-one payment card
  • 0.3% Cashback+
  • DBS Indulge - Dining deals at over 600 outlets islandwide
  • Worldwide access to cash (Activation required)
  • Shop online with no worries
  • 4-Year Annual Fee Waiver
  • Exclusive Privileges from DBS
  • No bills to worry about

Read on to learn more about the card's benefits and privileges.


Your all-in-one payment card

The DBS NUSSU Debit Card looks and works just like a credit card. It offers you the convenience of signing for your purchases, wherever and whenever you are dining, shopping, travelling or holidaying. This Debit Card also lets you withdraw cash at over 1000 DBS/POSB ATMs in Singapore and over 900,000 MasterCard /Cirrus ATMs worldwide. And it gives you the option of paying using your PIN through service providers such as NETS and at AXS stations in Singapore.

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Get 0.3% Cashback+ on your local purchases

Every 3 months, 0.3% of your spending is credited back to your account whenever you sign for your purchases in Singapore, as well as for local online, mail and phone transactions. Signing for your purchases has never been more rewarding.

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Enjoy DBS Indulge

You can now enjoy a hearty selection of dining deals of up to 50% off at over 600 outlets islandwide! Just check out your one-stop menu of privileges now!

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Paying online? Pay with DBS MasterPass

DBS MasterPass is a digital payments platform that simplifies the way you shop online. It is the perfect combination of security and convenience. Safely store your payment and shipping information so you can spend less time checking out and more time enjoying the things you love. With DBS MasterPass you can pay with just one click.

Take a moment now to register your card and shipping details with DBS MasterPass. You only need to register once. Then whenever you shop, simply click the "Buy with MasterPass" button at checkout. DBS MasterPass allows you to shop online with merchants all around the world with total peace of mind.

Click here to register for DBS MasterPass now!

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Worldwide access to cash

Your Debit Card is the only Card you'll need for worldwide access to your bank account. You can use your card overseas at:
  • Over 10 million Maestro retail outlets
  • Over 900,000 MasterCard/Cirrus ATMs

You can enable the overseas cash withdrawal function at:

    1. Select "More Services" twice
    2. Select "Change ATM Card Overseas Access"
    3. Once the function has been enabled, a receipt will be printed
    This function can be disabled in the same way.
  • iBanking (for iBanking users)
    1. Login to iBanking with your User ID and Password.
    2. Select "Credit & Debit/ATM Card"
    3. Select "Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Access" and choose the card that you wish to enable
    This function can be disabled in the same way.

Please note:

  1. There's a charge of S$5 per cash withdrawal on overseas Cirrus ATMs. You will enjoy a preferential flat service fee of S$2 if you use your Debit Card at the ATMs of Bank of Philippines Island (Philippines), HDFC India and Bank Central Asia (BCA, Indonesia).
  2. Cash withdrawal at DBS Hong Kong and DBS Taiwan ATMs will be free of charge.
  3. The amount withdrawn in US dollars shall be converted to Singapore dollars on the date of conversion. The amount withdrawn in foreign currency other than US Dollars will be converted into US dollars before being converted into Singapore dollars. All conversions shall be based on the prevailing wholesale interbank rates or the government-mandated rate, as shall be determined by the respective card associations. The rate used for the conversion may be different from the rate in effect on the date of the transaction due to market fluctuation.
  4. The amount withdrawn in foreign currency at overseas ATMs or purchases made in foreign currency at Maestro terminals are subject to a charge imposed by the respective card associations, either as a reimbursement charge representing the charge imposed on us or as a direct charge to you. An administrative fee of 2.0% of the foreign currency withdrawal or transaction amount for services provided or actions taken by us in relation to such foreign currency transactions shall be payable by you and debited to your Card Account.

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Embrace Virtual Living

You can now shop on the internet or make mail/telephone purchases.

  • Subject to your preferred limit set for Card-not-present (such as online, phone and mail orders) transactions and Point-of-Sale signature spending limit
  • Or the available balance in your bank account. You can also log on to DBS iBanking to make enquiries on your debit card transactions.

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4-Year Annual Fee Waiver

We know what it’s like to be a struggling student. So apply now and for the first 4 years, your annual fee is on us.

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Exclusive DBS Privileges

You can now enjoy exclusive DBS discounts and dining privileges all-year round. Simply sign with your DBS NUSSU Debit Card to enjoy these benefits.

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No bills to worry about

You don't have to worry about monthly bills or outstanding payments because your purchases are deducted directly from your bank account which you can keep track with a monthly statement.

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All-round Protection

Subject to the terms and conditions in the applicable debit card agreement, your maximum liability shall be capped at S$100 for unauthorized transactions not due to your fault or negligence. We will refund to you the unauthorized amounts in excess of the applicable liability cap, within 14 days from the time you submit all necessary information and document.

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+Effective 1 October 2013, minimum spending of S$500 per quarter is required to be entitled to the 0.3% cashback. 0.3% cashback is calculated based on Singapore dollar denominated transaction amount on transaction date. Cashback earned for the current quarter's transactions (e.g. January to March) will be credited in the following month (e.g. April) to the primary account linked to your DBS Visa Debit Card and reflected in your monthly Debit Card/bank account statement (e.g. May). Cashback is not valid for PIN-based transactions (e.g. NETS, ATM, AXS, etc), foreign currency transactions and bill payments. If the Card and/or Primary Account are terminated at anytime, for any reason, whether by Cardmember or DBS, any cashback earned will not be credited to the Cardmember's account.

Important Notes

  1. This Debit Card can be used at ATMs and for PIN-based transactions at selected merchants in Singapore and at Maestro or Cirrus enabled merchants overseas. It also allows you to sign for local and overseas purchases and perform card-not-present transactions (such as online, mail and phone orders), which shall be paid for by directly deducting the transaction amount(s) from your bank account.
  2. Your MasterCard/Visa Debit Limit for signature-based or card-not-present transactions is set at S$2,000. A Debit Card carries risks of unauthorized signature-based, MasterCard® PayPass™/ Visa payWave or card-not-present transactions. You may choose to increase/decrease this limit upon activation.
  3. If you have chosen to convert your card transaction into Singapore dollars via dynamic currency conversion (a service offered at selected overseas ATMs, merchants or websites), you acknowledge that the process of conversion and the exchange rates applied will be determined by the relevant ATM operator, merchant or dynamic currency conversion service provider, as the case may be.

    All card transactions which are converted via dynamic currency conversion will be subject to an administrative fee of 0.8% by Visa or MasterCard respectively on the converted Singapore dollar amount, or such other rate as determined by us and notified to you.

    Click here for FAQs
  4. Before you use this new Card, please read the DBS Debit Card Agreement that is enclosed with the Card. If you have any queries regarding the Agreement, please give us a call at 1800 111 1111.
  5. If your Card is lost, stolen or if the PIN has been compromised, you must notify us immediately. You should also make a police report and provide us with a copy of the report and in certain circumstances accompanied by written confirmation of the loss/theft/ disclosure and any other information that we may require.

    Once we establish, with your assistance, that the loss or theft of your Card or PIN compromise was not due to your fault or negligence, your liability for unauthorised transactions effected after such loss, theft or unauthorised disclosure but before we are notified thereof shall be limited to S$100.

    You will not be liable for any transactions carried out after you have notified us. We will refund the amounts deducted from your bank account for unauthorised transactions, in excess of the applicable liability cap, within 14 working days from the time you submit all the necessary information to us.

    For more information and full details, please refer to the DBS Debit Card Agreement.


Application Process

You are just three steps away from your new DBS card.
Step 1 – Complete the online application, print the form and sign it.
Step 2 – Mail or fax the form to us.
Step 3 – You will receive your new DBS card within 5 working days after we receive your application.

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