Frequently Asked Questions

Enhancing Card Usage Security

  1. What is EMV?
    EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa which is a joint effort to ensure security and global Interoperability so that MasterCard and Visa cards can continue to be accepted everywhere. With the EMV Smart Chip, your card is protected against fraudulent activities and you can enjoy the highest level of security when transacting on your Card.
  2. How does my EMV Chip Card offer enhanced security against fraud?
    The microprocessor chip on the EMV Chip Card is protected by cryptographic encryption, which prevents its contents from being replicated. The chip-based card complies with the MAS standards of data security. Magnetic stripe cards, on the other hand, use an older technology making the card vulnerable to cloning.
  3. Can I use my EMV Chip Card overseas?
    Yes, you may use your EMV Chip Card overseas. However, in some countries, EMV Chip Cards are not prevalent and not all terminals accept EMV Chip Cards. In these countries, your transactions can still be processed via the magnetic stripe.
  4. I have other main and or supplementary credit card(s) with DBS. Will these cards be replaced with EMV Chip Cards as well?
    Yes, we are progressively sending out EMV Chip Cards to customers.
  5. What happens to my current PIN?
    Your current PIN remains unchanged and will continue to apply to your new EMV Chip Card.
  6. Can I use the EMV Chip Card for online transactions as well as at ATMs?
    Yes, you can use your EMV Chip Card for online purchases and perform cash advances at ATMs. You may also perform cash withdrawals at ATMs if you have linked your DBS Current/Savings account to your Credit/Debit Card.
  7. What happens to my GIRO, installment payment plan as well as recurring payment arrangements on my current card?
    Your new EMV Chip Card bears the same 16-digit credit card number as your current Card. Hence, all these arrangements will remain unchanged.
  8. What happens to the DBS Reward Points / Dollars on my current card?
    Your DBS Reward Points / Dollars will continue to remain in your account.
  9. Will the change in the expiry date of the card affect my online or ecommerce transaction(s)?
    Yes. Please update your existing ecommerce merchants of the new expiry date of the card to ensure transactions are not affected.
  10. What should I do if my EMV Chip Card has been misplaced?
    Please call us immediately at our 24-hour DBS Customer Service hotline 1800 111 1111 for a replacement EMV Chip Card.