Frequently Asked Questions- Credit Card Redemption, Points

DBS Reward Points | DBS Online Rewards | DBS Rewards App

What's DBS Rewards?
How do I qualify for DBS Points?
How do I earn points?
Are there any transactions that don't earn points?
How do I earn accelerated points?
What can I do with my DBS points?
When do my points expire?
Can Supplementary Cardmembers earn points?
How do I know how many points I've got and how do I redeem them?
When will I receive my voucher(s)?
Can I exchange vouchers or extend the expiry date?
Can I use my DBS Points to pay my Credit Card's annual fee?
How do I convert DBS Points to air miles?

DBS Online Rewards

What is DBS Online Rewards?
How do I login to redeem?
I am not an existing DBS iBanking customer; can I still redeem my points online?
I am not a DBS Cardmember, can I still access the DBS Online Rewards website?
I have more than one DBS Credit Card. Do I need to register each one of them for this rewards site?
Can I change the billing address displayed in my account?
Are all my DBS Credit Cards eligible for redemption on this website?
How can I view my DBS Points and expiry date?
How do I search for rewards?
How do redeem for items?
How do I delete an item from the shopping cart?
If I spend on my credit card now, how long does it take for me to be able to redeem on the points?
What are "Featured Rewards"?

DBS Rewards App

What is DBS Rewards App?
What are the redemption programmes available for DBS Rewards App?
Can I browse the Rewards Catalogue without signing-in?
How do I redeem my DBS Points through DBS Rewards App?
Is there a cost to download the mobile application?
Can a Supplementary Cardmember redeem or use Mobile Rewards?
How does the Instant Rewards Programme work?
What is an eVoucher?
How do I redeem DBS points for Instant Rewards on my iPhone?
How do I use the eVoucher(s) after redemption?
What happens when I conduct a transaction for both payment and eVoucher and I decide to cancel the transaction subsequently?
When is the expiry of an eVoucher?
What are the types of receipts I will receive when I use the eVoucher(s)?
What does the ‘My Rewards’ icon refer to?
How long will my redemptions and used or transacted eVouchers be reflected in ‘My Rewards’?
Can I request to get another copy of the receipt from the merchant?
What is an ‘eVoucher Code’?
What is the ‘Group’ function for?
If I have lost my card and received a new replacement, can I still use my eVoucher with the new card?
How to “Like” a Reward?
If I sign in the DBS Rewards App for redemption and log out immediately, can I sign in immediately again?
If the merchant does not accept DBS AMEX cards for payment, can I still claim my eVoucher?
If I lost my iPhone, will my eVouchers be lost?