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  1. Who can apply for this Policy?
    This Policy is designed exclusively for DBS/POSB customers (including foreigners) aged between 18 and below 60 years and residing in Singapore. You can apply the Policy for yourself, or jointly with your spouse.
  2. Is it compulsory that I use a dentist under the Contract Providers for treatment only?
    You have a choice of visiting a Contract Provider clinic or an Out-of-Contract dental clinic.

    To fully enjoy the benefits of the policy, we recommend that you visit the Contract Provider clinics for these reasons:
    1. The clinics carry information of the policy and will be able to guide on the covered procedures.
    2. Cashless visit as long as treatment is covered and falls within the benefit limit and the annual benefit limit.
    3. You will enjoy the Contract Provider's preferential rates for any treatment not covered by the policy.
  3. Where can I find the list of Contract Providers?
    Please click here for the list of approved dental clinics.
  4. Are pre-existing conditions covered?
    Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Pre-existing condition refers to any Dental service that you have received or condition you have been advised or would have reasonably known to require treatment by a Dentist during the twelve (12) months prior to the Policy Commencement Date.
  5. What is a Waiting Period and how does it work?
    Waiting period refers to a period of time for which no benefits are payable. For this Policy, the waiting period is 90 days from the commencement date of the policy and applies to all benefits except for Emergency Dental Services benefit.
  6. I am issued a MSIG Dental Insurance card. What is the purpose of having the card?
    The Dental Insurance card states your policy number and enables the clinic to verify your coverage for you to enjoy the services. Please produce your card each time you visit the Contract Provider dental clinic.
  7. Why are there Out-of-Contract and Contract Provider dental clinics?
    We offer cashless services for our customers at Contracted Provider dental clinics for covered treatments. By extending cover to Out-of-Contract dentist, we ensure flexibility to customers who wish to visit their dentists who are not within our network of Contracted Providers.
  8. Can I make a claim for overseas dental treatment?
    Yes, you may claim for overseas treatment in event of an emergency.
  9. If I claimed for the full policy limit, can I buy another MSIG Dental policy?
    Each person is eligible for one MSIG Dental policy only.
  10. Can I change the Policy plan mid term?
    Any change of plan is permissible upon the next policy renewal or anniversary date only. You need to submit your request in writing not more than 30 days before the renewal of your policy. There is no penalty incurred for a change of plan. The premium will be adjusted according to the plan selected at the policy renewal or anniversary date.
  11. If I am covered by another dental policy, can I make a dental claim for the same treatment under both policies?
    No, you can't. If you have another dental policy e.g. an employer sponsored policy, you are advised to claim under that policy first before claiming under your MSIG Dental policy.
  12. How do I make a claim?
    Please call the MSIG Dental Assist 24 hour hotline at 6827 2418 before visiting the dentist. This will not apply in an emergency situation.

    The claim procedures depend on whether treatment is done at a Contract Provider or Out-Of-Contract clinic.
    1. Contract Provider: MSIG will settle your claim directly with the clinic. If the treatment cost is covered under the policy, you will not be required to pay for the visit.
    2. Out-Of-Contract Provider: You need to complete a claim form with the dentist and send the form together with the original receipts and medical reports to MSIG within 30 days of the treatment to recover your expenses. You can download the claim form here.
  13. Why do I need to call the MSIG Dental Assist hotline before I make a claim?
    This way, we could assist you to check out a Contract Provider clinic, the insured benefits and benefit limits to ensure your claim will be processed promptly.
  14. Is the completion of a Claim form compulsory in order to make a claim under the policy?
    The completion of a Claim Form is necessary only in respect of expenses incurred at Out-of-Contract providers. Original bills and receipts, medical reports (if any) are to be submitted together with the Claim form. MSIG will settle claims for expenses incurred at Contract Providers directly with the dental clinic.
  15. Do I get a refund if I cancel my policy?
    Yes, you will receive a pro-rated refund of premium paid from the date of cancellation provided no claim has arisen and the amount refundable is more than S$10.
  16. What if I have more questions about this insurance?
    Please contact MSIG Insurance Customer Centre at 6827 7607 (Mon – Fri, 8.45am – 5.30pm) or email your questions to