MyShield Plus - Medical Coverage Plan

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MyShield Plus

MyShield Plus is a rider to your MyShield plan. In addition to all the benefits available in MyShield, MyShield Plus covers the deductible and co-insurance payments and minimises your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Why choose MyShield Plus?

  • Flexibility to choose MyShield Plus Option A to cover your co-insurance and enjoy other benefits, Option C to provide medical coverage from the first dollar onwards.
  • S$10,000 Lump sum upon diagnosis of any of 30 major critical illnesses1
  • Up to S$300 daily hospital benefits 2
  • Free coverage for your child(ren)3 including coverage for 30 critical illnesses

1 To be eligible for the Critical Illness Benefit under this Policy, you must be aged between one year old and 65 years old at age next birthday at the point of commencement of cover. Any Insured Person below one year old will is only eligible for Critical Illness Benefit when he attains the age of one. For Major Cancers, Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery and Heart Attack, the Critical Illness Benefit will only be payable if they are diagnosed 90 days after the date an Insured is first covered under this Policy or the date of reinstatement of this Policy (whichever is later). The benefit will be payable after the end of the period of 30 days from the date on which an Insured Person is diagnosed as suffering from a Critical Illness.
2 For admission to government/ restructured hospitals of wards lower than that of chosen plan. This excludes day surgery, confinement in Community Hospital and confinement in private Hospital
3 Your dependant child(ren) who is eligible for free coverage under MyShield, is also eligible for free coverage under Option A Plan 2 of MyShield Plus if both parents are also insured under Plan 1 or Plan 2 of MyShield Plus and covered under Plan 1 or Plan 2 of Option A or Option C. The child(ren) shall enjoy the same benefits as provided for under Option A Plan 2 of the Benefits Schedule.