5 Tips to Maximise Your Electricity Savings

5 tips to maximise your electricity savings

If you’ve only got a minute:

  • Unplugging appliances like TVs and microwaves when not in use can significantly reduce your electricity bill by eliminating standby power usage.
  • Choosing appliances with higher energy savings (4- or 5- ticks) can lead to substantial savings over time.
  • Switching to LED bulbs and keeping air conditioner temperatures to 25 ˚C can result in substantial annual savings.

Feeling anxious every time you receive your utilities bill? It may be time to reassess your electricity usage. Here are some energy-saving tips to help you maximise your electricity savings.

1. Switch off plugs when not in use

When appliances such as televisions, TV set-up boxes, speakers, and microwave ovens are left on standby, they can unknowingly consume large amounts of power, accounting for up to 10% of your electricity bill.

For instance, vampire power sockets can cost you an additional S$25 per year, while leaving the water heater on can cost you an additional S$110 per year.1 By switching them off at the power source, you will be able to save up to S$150 annually!2

Tip #1 - Enjoy electricity savings by switching off plugs when not in use

2. Choose energy-efficient appliances with higher energy ratings

Before buying new appliances, be sure to check their energy-efficiency labels and choose those with 4- or 5-tick ratings. Though they may cost slightly more upfront, you will end up saving more over the lifetime of the appliance.

For instance, using a 5-ticks air conditioner instead of a 2-ticks model will potentially save you up to S$270 per year.3 Similarly, using a 4-ticks energy-saving fridge instead of a 2-ticks model can save you up to S$70 per year.4

Tip #2 - Achieve more energy savings by selecting energy-efficient appliances

3. Switch to LED lights

Considering whether to choose LED bulbs, energy-saving lights, or incandescent bulbs? LED bulbs generally use the least amount of electricity to achieve the same level of brightness as other types of bulbs.

By switching to LED lights, you can save up to S$35 per bulb annually.4 Moreover, LED lights have a longer lifespan, providing you with long-term cost savings by reducing your average electricity bill.

Tip #3 - Switch to LED energy saving lights!

4. Stay at 25˚C

In our sweltering climate, air conditioners have become a daily necessity. However, did you know that each time you increase the temperature by a degree, you can save up to S$25 per year on your electricity bill?4  

Consider setting the temperature to at least 25˚C for both your comfort and the benefit of your wallet.

Tip #4 - Save on air-con electricity by staying at 25 degrees.

5. Go natural

Compared to air conditioners, fans use less than 10% of the electricity when switched on for the same amount of time.

By opening the windows and switching to a fan, you can stay cool naturally and save up to S$842 annually.5

When you give these tips a go, you can potentially save more than S$1,400 every year!

Tip #5 - Choose the alternative to air conditioning and go natural with fans

1 Based on an electricity tariff of $0.2996 per kWh, assuming 35W of standby power in a home.
2 Based on an electricity tariff of $0.2996 per kWh of electricity, assuming a multi-split 7.5kW cooling capacity air-conditioner used 8 hours daily.
3 Based on an electricity tariff of $0.2996 per kWh, assuming a 400-litre refrigerator used 365 days a year.
4 Based on an electricity tariff of $0.2996 per kWh, assuming daily usage of 6 hours for 365 days a year.
5 Based on an electricity tariff of $0.2996 per kWh, assuming a single-split, 1000W air-conditioner and/or a 31W electric fan where relevant. Used for 365 days a year.
6 Projected savings are based on prevailing retailer rates that may change over time.

Sources: SP Group, NEA and Energy Efficient Singapore

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