At a Glance

Earn from 1.80% p.a. and potentially more out of your salary

Make an "investment" with your very first pay cheque with a DBS Multiplier Account! And no, it doesn't require you to analyse graphs.

No minimum income and credit card/PayLah! retail spend required to earn bonus interest!


No minimum balance required (up to 29 years old)


Not Sure What That Percentage Means To You?

Here's a simple breakdown:

With Jack having a current balance of S$10,000 in his Multiplier account and transactions totalling S$2,700 each month, Jack earns an interest rate of 1.80% p.a..

That's S$178 in interest after one year, all by crediting his salary to a DBS/POSB account and spending as he normally would.

How Do You Get EVEN HIGHER Rates

Increase your total eligible monthly transactions Take up a product in an additional category
(investments, insurance, home loan)



Apply now

New to DBS? It’s easy with digibanking
digibank is the only app you’ll need for an intelligent, secure and intuitive banking experience. Open an account with just your phone and Singpass to enjoy instant approval. Get a headstart with our starter packs, all without the need to visit a branch.

Open a Multiplier Account instantly on digibank app

Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Foreigners (EP/SP/DP /Long Term Visit Pass/Student Pass) can open a Multiplier Account instantly with Singpass.

Download digibank app

Refer to the documents required for account opening before you proceed.

How to apply

Register for Singpass here

Your Singpass should be ready to use once your Personal details are displayed in your Singpass mobile app.

Pro tip: Select Face Verification for instant registration.

For foreigners: Have your FIN number and Singapore (+65) mobile number ready.

Unable to register for Singpass

On digibank app, select “Continue without Singpass” and upload the supporting documents.


Get more Benefits

Be rewarded with bonus interest on your Multiplier account when you credit your salary to any DBS/POSB account of your choice. No minimum salary amount required. Find out more.


Other Services

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