Frequently Asked Questions for digibank App

  • What is DBS digibank app?

    DBS digibank app is a mobile banking app that aims to make banking simpler, smarter, faster and more secure, so that you have more time for the things you love.

  • What are the new features of the DBS digibank app?

    In addition to the improved layout with more intuitive navigation, our DBS digibank app comes with these exciting new features:

    • Peek Balance: Check your balance in one swipe. No login required!
    • Fingerprint login: Log into your account securely with just your fingerprint
    • Quicklinks: Create shortcuts for your favourite mobile banking services.
    • Personalised Profile: Customise your own profile with a picture or nickname.
    • Payments Made Easier: Use a list of recent and favourite payees for faster transactions.
    • Instantly apply for a new credit card or additional savings account

    Plus, you can continue to enjoy these services:

    • Get personalised market research and investment insights at your fingertips
    • Stay up to date with real time exchange rates
    • Access to the full suite of banking and lifestyle apps
    • Login and view all your accounts in a single dashboard
    • Make a transfer, pay bills or remit funds overseas
    • Pay any local credit card or overseas Visa card bill
  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need is any mobile device with iOS7.0 or higher (for Apple) or v4.2 or higher (for Android).

    Simply download DBS digibank from Apple Store or Google Play

    App Store Googleplay
  • What happens to the old mBanking app?

    The old app will be retired from June 2016, after which you will no longer be able to access it. As such, please download the new DBS digibank app on Google Play or App Store before the old app retires.

  • What will happen to my existing bill payment and funds transfer arrangements? Do I need to set them up again?

    We’d like to assure you that your existing bill payments and funds transfer arrangements will not be affected. You can continue to access all your payees from the Payee list on the new DBS digibank app.

  • What is Peek Balance?

    Peek Balance lets you check your preferred account balance with a simple swipe on your mobile device or Apple Watch. No login required! You can select your preferred account from any of your DBS/POSB deposit or credit card accounts. To learn how to set up Peek Balance, click here.

  • I don’t think I’ll need Peek Balance. Can I opt out from it?

    Yes, you have a choice. Peek Balance requires a one-time setup after you login to DBS digibank app. Without performing this setup, Peek Balance will not be turned on.

  • What is Fingerprint Login?

    Your fingerprint is your password. With fingerprint login, accessing your accounts is faster, easier and more secure.

    Fingerprint login is available on Touch ID enabled Apple devices running on iOS 9 or higher and fingerprint enabled android devices operating on v6.0 or higher.

    To learn how to set up this feature, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions for Digital Token

  • What is digital token?

    Digital token is a new security enhancement on your digibank app. Think of it as the digital version of your physical token. With the digital token, One-time PIN (OTP) is now verified in the background, saving you the hassle of keying in OTP for low-risk transactions. It's faster, more convenient and secure.

  • Do I still need my physical token - the DBS Secure Device?

    You will still need the physical token when performing high risk transactions such as adding a payee, or transferring funds. A physical token is also required for transactions performed on Internet banking.

  • How do I set up for digital token?

    Set up is easy. Upon logging in to your digibank app, perform a simple one-time setup of the digital token using your existing physical token for authentication.

  • What can I do if I cannot set up / log in with digital token?

    The digital token works on any mobile device with iOS 9.0 or higher (for Apple) or v4.4 or higher (for Android). If the digital token is not supported on your mobile device, you can continue to bank using SMS OTP or your physical token.

  • How is digital token more convenient?

    Banking on the go is now simpler, as your One-time PIN (OTP) is now verified in the background, saving you the hassle of keying in OTP for low-risk transactions. like viewing your transaction history and paying your DBS/POSB credit card.

  • How is this safer?

    Your security is important to us. The digital token improves the security of your digibank account with an enhanced encryption. It is an enhanced security feature with multi-layered protections against threats targeting mobile applications. After the digital token is enabled, no one would be able to access your digibank account on non-registered devices.

  • What if I lose my mobile device?

    Fret not as your digibank accounts are still secured with your User ID / PIN or fingerprint.

    Simply download the digibank app on a new phone and delete access to your digibank account on the lost device. This can be done within the 'Manage Digital Token' service found under 'Settings'.

  • What if I switch mobile devices?

    Upon login, you will be prompted to set up the digital token on your new device. You may then delete your old device within 'Manage Digital Token' service found under the 'Settings' section in the DBS digibank app.

  • I have more than 1 mobile device. Can I enable the digital token on multiple devices?

    Yes, you can. Simply set up the Digital Token within your digibank app when you log into each of your mobile device.