Team GGPen

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This game was created at Digital Game Jam 2015 - Grand Prize
Team GGPen
  • Ang Kai Yang
  • Kok Bai Sheng
  • Samantha Chiam
  • Daryl Bong
  • Wesley Kam Zhen Ning
Games Synopsis

The bulls have lived in peace and prosperity for generations, but the jealous bears have come to bring them down. Play as five adorable bulls and defend your home from waves of evil bears. Collect resources, manage your fort and shoot down enemies in this unique base-defense strategy game!

Platform/ System


Brief Play Instructions

Left mouse click to select and move bulls. Move a bull to various locations to perform certain functions:

MAIN DOOR - send bull to collect resources
FORT - send bull to train
WALL - send bull to repair wall
TURRET - send bull to man turret and shoot bears

Defeat 21 waves of bears to clear the game!