Parallax Shift
Team DiceRoll

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This game was created at Digital Game Jam 2015 - 1st Runner Up, Excellence in Design & Winner of DBS Game Development Internship Contract
Team DiceRoll
  • Jermyn Tanu
  • Zhu Tingyu
  • Lee Yan Hwa
  • Ivan Danny Handoko
  • Livan Goh Zher Meng
Games Synopsis

Genre: Puzzle

Your character discovered a crack in the system that was used by government to control people. Beat the digital maze created by the system, destroy it and free humanity.

Relevance to theme
BULL mode: character is more active, with confidence to evade Enemy Bear (representing Risk) and also possesses the ability to shift the landscape. Similarly, people s attitudes in the Bull market of an economy are more optimistic and ambitious
BEAR mode: character has a more passive and simple ability- mere teleportation. She also does not incite aggression from the Enemy Bear.

Platform/ System


Brief Play Instructions

press left and right key to move the player
press up to jump
press down to interact with object
when on the bull mode, press a and d to shift the parallax
when on the bear mode. press down to blink to the other bear statue

Do not touch enemy bear when in BULL mode
Do not touch spikes at ALL TIME