What are the housing grants available in Singapore?

Whether you’re getting a Build-To-Order (BTO) or a resale flat, there are different housing grants available in Singapore to help you on this big-ticket item purchase.

After deducting these grants, you may opt to pay off the rest of the amount either through a Housing Development Board (HDB) loan or a bank loan.

We have consolidated the different types of grants available for you here:

Grants for BTO flats

For those getting a BTO, there are two grants you should note: the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and the Special CPF housing grant (SHG).

If both of you are first-time applicants, you can claim up to $80,000 to offset the purchase of your new BTO, with a cap of $40,000 of AHG and SHG each depending on your household income.

If either you or your partner is a second-time applicant, you can claim up to $20,000 in AHG and SHG respectively. The same applies if one of you applying is a non-citizen.

If you’re a first-timer Singaporean citizen aged 35 years or above, and you’re applying alone, you may still enjoy up to $40,000 in AHG and SHG combined.

Grants for resale flats

First-time applicants can enjoy up to $120,000 from three types of grants: AHG, the Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) and the Family Grant. Depending on your household income and the type of flat you’re buying (lesser grants for 5-room flats), you may claim up to $40,000, $30,000 and $50,000 respectively.

If either you or your partner are a second-time applicant, you can apply for up to $25,000 of Half-Housing Grant or the Top-Up Grant on top of up to $20,000 of AHG. You’ll similarly be able to claim up to a combined total of $45,000 if you’re applying with a non-citizen spouse, except that the two schemes considered will be AHG and the Singles Grant.

If you are a single citizen applicant, you may claim up to $60,000 across three types of grants - $25,000 of Singles Grant, $20,000 of AHG and $15,000 of PHG if you’re living near your parents.

Not sure whether a BTO or a resale flat is a better option for you? Read our tips here to help you make your choice! And if you’re still confused as to whether to get a HDB or bank loan, learn about the pros and cons of both here.

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