About NAV University

NAV University is for anyone who wants to get better at money and personal finance; from saving, protection, investment, debt management, home planning, retirement and more.

This is our way to show our commitment to empowering every one of us with the knowledge, tools and solutions to get better at money confidently, so we can all live more, bank less.

3 reasons to join us:

Easily accessible

Our talks and seminars are held every month at almost all DBS and POSB branches or virtually.

Complimentary sessions

All our sessions are free so you can learn directly from our experts. No fees required.

Curated for you

We cover a wide range of topics to meet your different goals, challenges and dreams.

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Latest events Details
DBS NAV University: Embark on your Estate Planning Journey
How do we ensure our assets are passed on to the ones we love when we can no longer make decisions for ourselves or in the event of our demise? Join us at our upcoming webinars on 25th and 31st July to hear more from our guest speakers about how you can embark on your estate planning journey.
FLY with DBS and SGX Webinar: Building up your portfolio for beginners and intermediate consumers
Building up your portfolio is one of the major steps towards financial freedom or retiring comfortably. While most Singaporeans only realise the importance of retirement planning at the age of 37, we should be starting as early as possible.

Date: Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Time: 7.30 PM - 8.15 PM
FLY with DBS and SGX Webinar: Building your retirement nest in times of volatility
Preparing now and preparing better, is the most important decision you can make for you and your loved ones. The speaker will share how to build your retirement nest egg in unprecedented times and navigate the markets to achieve investment and retirement success.

Date: Wednesday, 05 Aug 2020
Time: 7.30 PM - 8.15 PM

NAV Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) with Lorna Tan

Every month, we introduce a new personal finance topic. If you’ve missed a session or can’t come down to our branches, we’ve got you covered with NAV AMA.

In NAV’s Ask-Me-Anything series, watch our DBS experts and special guests answer your burning questions on the latest financial planning topics.