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Important information

  • All Singapore shares listed on the SGX are kept in your CDP account and not your DBS Vickers trading account. As such, kindly refer to your CDP account for the most updated balance of your shareholdings.
  • Share settlement in the Singapore market is T + 2 market days. The unsettled buy transaction for your DBS shares will disappear from your DBS Vickers platform after the shares are credited into your CDP account.

How to check your SGX shareholdings

  • Under My account, select Portfolio (SGX) to track your share purchases via the platform.
  • All SGX shares shown under Portfolio (SGX) may not reflect your total share holdings in CDP, SRS or CPF Investment Bank. Please confirm the correct number of shares with your CDP, SRS or CPF statements where applicable. For more details, read the SGX portfolio disclaimer found at the bottom of the Portfolio (SGX) page.

How to check your foreign market shareholdings

  • Under My account, select Holdings to track your foreign shareholdings that is held with DBS Vickers.

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