Set up GIRO Payment for DBS Cashline Bill

Set up a GIRO arrangement easily via digibank Online to manage your Cashline bill payments.

Banking Part of: Your Guide to GIRO Arrangements

Important: Please do not apply for Cashline GIRO Bill Payment if you intend to take up or currently have any existing Cashline Balance Transfer loan.
  • Log in to digibank Online with your User ID and PIN
  • Complete the Authentication Process.
  • Select Pay, click on Add GIRO Arrangement
  • Select:
    • Billing Organisation: DBS Cashline/TFL/SL
    • Bill Reference: 10 digits of the DBS Cashline Account Number (Without Hyphens/Space)
    • Payment Limit: Enter "0" for no payment limit
    • My Account: Select your Account for GIRO Deduction.
  • Click Next to verify the Details of the Transaction
  • Follow the 2-Factor Authentication Instructions and click Submit
  • Please continue to make your payment by the statement due date until you receive a notification letter from DBS Bank that the Cashline GIRO bill payment has been set up.
  • Please note that late payment fee will be charged to your Cashline account if the GIRO deduction on the payment due date is unsuccessful.
  • By applying for Cashline (Full) GIRO payment, you are setting up a payment arrangement to have the full closing balance amount shown on your Cashline statement debited from your indicated DBS/POSB Savings or Current account on the payment due date.
  • Cashline (Full) GIRO payment will not fully settle your Cashline outstanding balance as it may exclude any unbilled interest, charges and Instalment/Personal Loan plans.
If you would like to apply for Cashline Minimum GIRO payment, please complete and mail in our DBS Cashline GIRO Application Form.

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