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When it comes to families, there is no one-size-fits-all wealth plan. What you want for your family is unique. And the right plan is one that is customised to fit your circumstances and goals. With DBS Private Bank, you’ll get best-in-class solutions for today, and tomorrow.



New: Feature Publication 2023

Following four successive years of seminal publications on Family Offices we are delighted to launch our latest thought leadership piece of “The Asian Family Office: Driving Impact and Innovation” on 19 October 2023. In partnership with the Financial Times, this publication explores how Asian family offices are discovering a new era of passion and purpose. Featuring insights from Asia’s leading philanthropists and industry experts, delve into the evolving priorities of the younger generation and learn how risks can be turned into opportunities.

Read our latest feature publication here:

The Asian Family Office: Driving Impact and Innovation
Supplementary Report: Tax Considerations in Key Asian Jurisdictions
(简中) 亚洲家族办公室 - 推动影响力和创新
(简中) 补充报告:亚洲主要司法管辖区的税务考量
(繁中) 亞洲家族辦公室 - 推動影響力和創新
(繁中) 補充報告:亞洲主要司法管轄區的稅務考量

On 13 October 2022, we launched “New Economy, Next Generation: Family Offices in a Changing World”, our first report in partnership with the Financial Times to explore the complex challenges in this new post-Covid economy and how the next generation are helping their families navigate the future.

View the feature publication here:

New Economy, Next Generation: Family Offices in a Changing World
(简中)新经济,新世代: 瞬息万变世界中的家族办公室
(繁中)新經濟,新世代: 瞬息萬變世界中的家族辦公室

(简中)新经济,新世代: 瞬息万变世界中的家族办公室 (Pt. 1)
(简中)新经济,新世代: 瞬息万变世界中的家族办公室 (Pt. 2)

On 22 September 2021, we launched “Governance and Succession: Family Offices and the Chinese Diaspora in Asia”, our second report from The Economist Intelligence Unit to explore the history, dynamics and governance implications as they relate to families of the Chinese diaspora in Asia and their businesses and family offices.

View the feature publication here:
Governance and succession: Family offices and the Chinese diaspora in Asia



On 12 November 2020, we launched “The Family Office Boom – Contrasts between East & West” produced through the inaugural collaboration between DBS Private Bank and The Economist Intelligence Unit.

View the feature publication here:
The Family Office Boom – Contrasts between East and West



The transfer of assets from one generation to another is an issue that all families must face. There are various solutions that you can implement. The right solution depends amongst other things on your residence/domicile and the location of your assets.

At its most basic, a family office is an entity that is used to professionalise the investment management of your wealth during and after your lifetime.

Depending on your needs, the family office’s responsibilities can be expanded to include providing other services to your family.

Traditionally, charitable giving may be simply you making “cheque-book donations” to institutions of your choice e.g. a hospital, school or non-profit organisation. Today, you may instead give to social enterprises that support specific causes that matter to you and your family.

Alternatively, you may go further and make investment decisions where financial returns are secondary to measurable social impact, a strategy often referred to as impact investing.

Cross-border taxation is a consideration that will be relevant to you if you have investments overseas (such as shares or properties) or have family members living abroad. With proper structures/ advance planning, complex tax implications or high tax exposure can be efficiently mitigated.

When it comes to family, nothing matters more than ensuring that their future is secure. You want to provide for them, protect them, and safeguard their best interests, knowing that when the future arrives, they have what they need.

Innovative life insurance solutions allow you to plan for unforeseen circumstances.


DBS Multi Family Office

(简中)星展铸造坊: 多户家族办公室

The DBS Multi Family Office Foundry VCC is the world’s first bank-backed multi family office launched in Singapore that leverages the Singapore variable capital company structure. It offers an alternative option for ultra-high net worth families who are seeking a safe and secure platform in Singapore for their investments but are not yet ready to set up their own single family office.

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