"To see clearly, we listen."

You are unique. The goals you have for yourself, your family and your business are yours alone. As your private bank, the solutions we provide should be as unique.

To see the way forward with clarity, we begin by listening. Because it’s only by truly knowing you, that we can design bespoke solutions that fit you in every way.

Here’s a brief overview of our approach.

The DBS Private Bank Advisory Process

  1. Listen

    Where do you want to be in the next month, year or decade? We will listen to your plans and goals for the future. It’s the crucial first step to the financial journey we will go on together.

  2. Understand

    It’s equally important to know how we will get to your financial destination. So your relationship manager will discuss your personal risk profile, before we begin putting together a plan for you.

  3. Tailor

    With a clear understanding, your relationship manager works with our Chief Investment Office and Group Research to plan a prudent asset allocation that suits you.

  4. Implement

    With a plan in place, your relationship manager carries out your preferred strategy, in close consultation with you. All while minimising potential uncertainty and risk factors for you, through strict compliance with regulations.

  5. Review

    We know change is a constant. So we actively watch over your portfolio, reviewing regularly to stay on course and adapting to your priorities should they shift over time.

Get an overview of our solutions, products and services.

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