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We know your cash and banking needs don't always fit into standard 9-5 working hours. For your convenience, we provide hassle-free access to your account via our suite of machines and services.


Cash Withdrawal / Deposit

Our widest network of self-service banking machines available 24/7* let you enjoy greater convenience and ease.

Cash Services at ATMs


  • S$10, S$50 notes at all machines
  • S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50 and S$100 at selected machines^

The total amount of cash that you can withdraw per day at our ATMs is S$15,000. This daily cash withdrawal limit applies regardless of the number of cards you have. For withdrawals of larger amounts within the same day, please seek assistance from our branch staff during banking hours.


  • S$10, S$50, S$100 notes accepted
  • S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50, S$100 and S$1,000, including deposit into third party DBS Corporate Accounts at selected machines

Notes Exchange

  • S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50 and S$100 at selected machines

Other services available at ATMs

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bill Payments
  • Funds Transfers
  • Card Services – Credit / Debit/ ATM Card PIN Reset, Card Activation, Enable / Disable Card For Overseas Use
  • Instant Passbook Update
  • Investment Services - Subscriptions and Payments of Shares and Bonds
  • Top-up of your mobile prepaid card / NETS CashCard / NETS FlashPay / EZ-Link Card / Concession Card

*Subjected to accessibility at location. Please refer to the Notices beside the Machines for more information.

^Self-service cash withdrawal for amounts larger than your card limit will require SMS OTP authentication.  Self-service cash withdrawal is capped at $15,000 daily.
If you wish to withdraw more than the self-service cash withdrawal limit, please seek assistance from our branch staff during banking hours.

^Our staff are required to assist you in facilitating the following services at our branches:

  • Cash Withdrawal beyond the daily limit
  • Cash Withdrawal using Passbook 

Click here for branch operating hours

All withdrawals and deposits are subjected to daily/card limit and machine availability. For deposits of S$50,000 and above, as well as withdrawals and deposits in foreign currency, please visit a branch for our staff to assist you. 

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Coin Deposit

Our widest network of self-service banking machines available 24/7* let you enjoy greater convenience and ease.

  • Deposit coins into a DBS/POSB Account instantly via our Coin Deposit Machines or;
  • At any DBS/POSB Branches on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 am to 11.30 am only.

Coin Deposit Options

  • Find the nearest Coin Deposit Machine using our Locator.
  • Coin deposit fees are WAIVED when using the Coin Deposit Machine.

  • Find the nearest Branch using our Locator.
  • Coin deposit fees is at S$1.80 per 100 pieces or part thereof. e.g. 105 pieces = S$3.60
  • Coins are to be sorted in its respective denominations before presenting to the counter staff for depositing.

More Information

  • Accepted denominations: 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent & 1 dollar (Singapore Coins - Floral Series & National Icon/Landmark Series).
  • The coin deposit fees are automatically waived for:
    • My Account and POSBkids Account until the child turns 16 years old, for the first 1,000 pieces deposited per calendar month, done via Coin Deposit Machines. Coin deposit fees will apply from the 1,001 coin piece.
    • POSB Child Development Account.

* Subjected to accessibility at location

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Cheque Deposit

Drop off your cheques at any one of our Quick Cheque Deposit locations.

Find a Cheque Deposit Service

Alternatively, you may wish to mail your cheques to:

DBS Bank
Robinson Road Post Office
PO Box 1235
Singapore 902435

Please note:

  • Ensure that your deposit instructions (i.e. your full name as per your bank account records, your bank account number and your contact number) are written at the back of the cheque. Gentle reminder to also cross your cheque and cross out “or Bearer”.
  • For quick cheque deposits, cut-off timings vary according to the type of currency.
  • Mailed-in cheques will be subjected to local mail delivery times and processed in 2 working days upon receipt. You may wish to retain an image of your cheque prior to posting it.

Video Teller Machine

Banking just got simpler with 24/7 access to banking services at our Video Teller Machines. Now you can perform key non-cash banking services beyond regular banking hours.


What you will require to begin self-servicing your transaction:

  • ATM/Debit Card or;
  • NRIC (Singaporeans and Malaysians) or Passport (Other Nationalities).
  • Additionally, please bring along your mobile phone with a registered number with the bank, for faster authentication experience.

Transactions you can perform at the VTM

Self-Service Face-to-Face Video Teller Assistance* Branch Staff Assistance^
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Debit Card Issuance/Replacement
  • ATM Card Issuance/Replacement
  • Reset Card PIN
  • Amend Card Settings
  • Change of Particulars – Address, Email, Signature
  • Instant Passbook Replacement <New Service>
  • Change of Particulars – Mobile
  • Bill Payments – POSB/DBS Credit Cards and Cashline (1st Party)
  • Change GIRO Payment Limit
  • Delete GIRO Arrangement
  • Request Additional Cheque Book (via Mail Out)
  • Replacement of Passbook (Via Mail Out)
  • Change of Particulars - Passport

*The following transactions require face-to-face Video Teller Assistance which is only available from 9am to 6pm daily.

^The following transactions are only available at branches with counter services or financial advisory services during branch operating hours.

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Enjoy convenient access to an extensive array of payment selections, as well as a multitude of everyday online services and applications at your fingertips!

Services available on AXS Station include:

  • Bills Payment
  • Fines Payment
  • Other Payment (Condo/ Bldg (MCST), Home Services and Student Services)
  • NParks BBQ Pit Booking / Camping Permit Application
  • Prepaid Card Top-up
  • Government eServices
  • Ticketing
  • Promotions
  • Services in 8 categories: Education, Lifestyle, Community, Government, Finance, Services, Ticketing and Top-Up

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