What is Masterpiece?
Masterpiece is a bespoke home and contents policy for successful individuals with significant assets to protect, and who appreciate superior levels of insurance cover and service.
What does Masterpiece cover?

Masterpiece provides coverage for physical loss or damage to your:

  • House and other permanent structures in the property;
  • Personal belongings such as furniture, electronic equipment, mobile phones, laptops, iPads, clothing, bags etc; and
  • Valuable items such as jewellery, watches, artwork, wine collection, musical instruments, bicycles and other collectibles
How is Masterpiece different from a regular home and contents insurance policy?
Masterpiece is a bespoke product tailored to your individual needs. It provides all risk, broad coverage on a worldwide basis with very high limits, no under-insurance penalties and no depreciation.
Do I need to provide receipts, invoices or appraisals for all the items that I would like to cover under Masterpiece?

If your items are valued below S$100,000, you are not required to provide these documents. However, it is recommended to keep a record of these documents as they may be required to be presented as evidence, in the event of a claim.

Do I need to let Chubb know every time I purchase new items?

As long as you have itemised articles covered under your Masterpiece policy, you will automatically be covered for newly purchased items of the same category, for up to 25% of their total coverage. You will also have 90 days to request for these items to be included to your Masterpiece policy.

Please note that there will be additional premium incurred (from the date the items were acquired) for new items added to the policy.

Who is eligible to purchase a Masterpiece policy?
All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents or foreigners employed in, or have a business in Singapore are eligible to purchase the policy.
I have more questions about Masterpiece. Who should I reach out to?

You may contact Chubb’s Masterpiece team with your questions at [email protected]

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