Discretionary Portfolio

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Leverage the expertise of our wealth management team to manage your portfolio and free yourself from day-to-day involvement.

We will customise solutions based on your return objectives, risk tolerance and liquidity needs while accessing a wider range of investment products.


  • Simplicity
    We assemble best-in-class ideas into a diversified portfolio of investments. We actively monitor and rebalance your investment holdings.
  • Direct Access
    Our portfolio managers can be directly reached to gain insight into our investment strategy.
  • Complete Visibility
    We provide a precise view of all your positions and trades for greater clarity on your investments.

Our Product Suite

  • Global Tactical Mandate
  • Mutual Funds Mandate
  • Classic Portfolio
  • Asia Focused Portfolio
  • Bespoke Portfolio

For more information:

  • Contact your Wealth Manager or visit any of our branches
Get In Touch

Call Us: 1800 221 1111

Get In Touch

Call Us: 1800 221 1111

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