At a Glance

Investing in funds offer flexibility and diversification benefits for your investment portfolio

Funds are diversified, efficient tools to access different global markets as you look to preserve, diversify and build your wealth

Leverage on the insights of our Fund Selection Team

Take advantage of dedicated qualitative fund research to navigate multiple investment opportunities

Accessing different markets via a team of professional experienced managers

Actively managed funds by highly qualified managers to seize opportunities in the market.

At DBS, we offer a comprehensive suite of investment solutions from professional asset managers, sourced by our dedicated Fund Selection Team. As our clients’ trusted advisors, we constantly search for new ideas to identify quality funds that can add value to their investment portfolio.


What are Funds?

A fund pools money from a group of investors to invest in a range of assets based on the fund’s investment objective. Funds are professionally managed by fund managers, and successful investments add value to a fund and their returns are distributed back to investors.

Mutual Funds can be integral building blocks for investors seek to preserve, diversify and accumulate wealth, as they are diversified and can efficiently offer access to global markets.


Types of Funds

We have wide range of fund strategies across various asset classes. These include:

Money Market Funds

Money Market Funds comprising of short term debt investments that are liquid in nature.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income Funds investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of debt instruments that may include corporate bonds, government bonds, loans, asset and mortgages backed securities.

Balanced Funds

Balanced Funds typically combining both Equity and Fixed Income, seeking to strike a balance between capital growth and income.

Equity Funds

Equity Funds investing in a portfolio of company issued securities, that may be geographically segmented, country-specific and sector-focused.

Alternative Funds

Alternative Funds which includes hedge fund, managed futures, private equity, and commodities.


Focus Funds

Focus Funds are the FST’s shortlist of positively-rated funds that are aligned with bank’s current investment views. Updated quarterly, this list serves to guide investors to navigate multiple investment opportunities that are topical.


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