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  • Investing in the SGD bond market can be challenging due to the rarity and popularity of SGD bonds issued by well-known Singapore enterprises.
  • Investors looking to build and manage their bonds portfolio to generate income in SGD have limited options due to the illiquidity of the SGD bond market.
  • The DBS SGD Focus Note enables you to easily invest into the SGD bond market while helping you generate a steady SGD income stream.

What is the DBS SGD Focus Note?

The DBS SGD Focus Note curates more than 50 equally weighted bond issuers where SGD bonds of these companies are purchased as a priority.

If there is insufficient liquidity for these SGD bonds, non-SGD bonds of such companies and other non-SGD bond issuers may be added to provide diversification and potential yield enhancement. For such bonds that are not denominated in SGD, the principal and coupons will be fully hedged back to SGD.

DBS constantly monitors and provides its view on its DBS investment strategy, please click here to read more on our latest Market Insights.


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