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Every little bit helps. Those of us with the privilege to give can empower vulnerable members of our community with more access to care, support and opportunity.

Let’s make a difference together.

Community Chest

A non-profit established in 1983, the Community Chest is an organisation that channels resources to causes that include children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, families, vulnerable seniors and persons with mental health conditions.

At DBS, we also believe in uniting the community and rallying support for the vulnerable. That’s why we are proud to partner the Community Chest to empower the lives of the disadvantaged.


About ONEfor10

Your wealth could have a lasting impact on the lives of others.

ONEfor10 is an initiative by Community Chest, designed to create a connection between those who have the resources and abilities to give, and those that are vulnerable to various disadvantages in our community.

Find out more about ONEfor10 here.

All donations, which are entitled to a 250% tax deduction, will go towards supporting over 80 social service agencies in Singapore, or a cause that is close to your heart, many of which are facing a decline in donations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One-Time Donation Monthly Donation


One-Time Donation

You can make a one-time outright donation to support the growth and development of those in need.

Here are some causes your gift can benefit:

Adults with disabilities

Children with special needs and youth-at-risk


Persons with mental health conditions

Vulnerable seniors


Monthly Donation

You can join ONEfor10 x SHARE, a hassle-free monthly giving programme that helps to sustain the numerous social service agencies every month. Powered by a community of dedicated donors, SHARE is one of the largest streams of giving for Community Chest.

Setting up your monthly donation is simple. You just need to sign up once to set up a monthly donation via credit card through the “Monthly Donation” button.

  • A monthly donation of S$1,000 or more
    can support four persons with disability in a sheltered workshop through an entire year of vocational training and sheltered employment.
  • A monthly donation of S$2,000 or more
    can support eight persons with mental health issues via two years of skills training, job placement and much needed support. Your contribution will help them achieve sustainable employment, improve their recovery as well as strengthen their personal support network.
  • A monthly donation of S$3,000 or more
    can support a child with autism through two years of special education. Your contribution will give them access to a specially designed programme that blends mainstream syllabi with non-academic curricula that cover daily living skills, as well as social and thinking skills.

With a monthly donation starting from S$1,000, you will gain access to the philanthropic privileges* under ONEfor10 x SHARE x DBS:

  • Curated experiential visits to social service agencies
  • Exclusive access to invite-only events by Community Chest

* Donors will receive updates on these initiatives, where marketing consent has been given to Community Chest.


How to donate

Starting your giving journey is simple. You may choose to make a one-time outright donation or perform a one-time set up for a monthly donation via your preferred DBS/POSB card.

One-Time Donation Monthly Donation

About DBS-Community Chest partnership: At DBS, we believe in doing good for the community. That’s why we are proud to partner with Community Chest to rally your support for the vulnerable communities. Your donation will be made directly to Community Chest and not through DBS. By facilitating your donation, DBS does not receive any remuneration or benefits. You may reach out to Community Chest for queries on their programmes, use of donated funds and any other matters (including tax exemption).

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