Our approach to sustainability is guided by our sense of purpose: To create value for the long-term, and by helping our clients to leave a legacy of good.

To achieve that, we take a three-pronged approach.


1. Sustainable Investing

Create a sustainable portfolio based on your personal interests and values, while ensuring returns on your investment. Let us help you invest for a better world with our suite of sustainable investment opportunities – pre-selected mutual funds and exclusive access to private opportunities curated in partnership with notable global private fund managers.

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BNP Climate Impact

Invests in companies/services enabling mitigation of climate change, or adaptation to its consequences.

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BNP Paribas Funds Global Environment

Targeting investment opportunities in the environmental space.

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NinetyOne Global Environment

Invests in companies which aim to provide positive impact on the environment through decarbonization.

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Manulife Sustainable Asia Bond

ESG Asian credit portfolio focusing on best-in-class issuers that demonstrates strong or improving sustainability attributes.

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AB Sustainable Global Thematic

Global equity fund focusing on secular and sustainable investing themes such as Healthcare, Climate and Empowerment.

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RobecoSAM SDG Credit Income

An ESG fixed income fund that avoid issuers who contribute negatively towards the SDGs.

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Wellington Global Impact Fund

Investing in innovative, disruptive companies across 10 impact themes, aligned to the SDGs.

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Investors shouldn’t give up on ESG

The market has been accused of greenwashing, either deliberately or due to differing definitions of sustainability. With time, the industry can find better standards to support the decarbonisation of the economy.

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Need for speed as the world moves towards net zero

Governments and corporations are committing to net-zero emissions to limit warming to 1.5 deg C. Despite slow progress, opportunities to participate in global decarbonisation are emerging.

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Political will needed to accelerate energy transition

Due to the political reluctance to shift from fossil fuels, renewable energy technologies while accessible, are underutilized.

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Nature-based solutions could yield US$4.3T in value by 2030

Nature-based solutions can play a significant role in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. They can provide over one-third of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed for a circular economy.

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Invest in the Frontiers of Decarbonisation Technology

We cannot invest in the future by looking backward. Green investing needs an overhaul. With the promulgation of green narratives, the investing world today boasts no shortage of channels to facilitate deploying capital in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Business Times Futureproof series

Bringing you the latest views and insights on sustainable investing as we look at how it impacts investors and businesses.

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2. Responsible Businesses

Transition your businesses for a greener future while managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and adopting sustainable practices.

Starting the decarbonisation journey

Gunung Capital took part in Climate Impact X’s inaugural carbon credits auction, driven by a strong vision to protect the environment by investing and supporting carbon markets.

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3. Create Impact

Above growing your wealth sustainably, fulfil your philanthropic goals. Be it grant making, creating a value chain of impact by supporting social enterprises with DBS Foundation, or investing in companies or projects with a social purpose, let us support you on your philanthropic journey.

Asia Impact First Fund (AIFF)

Guided by an impact-first philosophy, the Asia Impact First Fund views returns not only through the lens of financial gain, but also prioritises long-term impact outcomes. In partnership with Heritas Capital, this fund was conceived by DBS Foundation to enable others to participate in plugging the funding gap for social enterprises.

Taking an Impact-first Approach

Anchored in his focus on impact investing, social entrepreneur Alvin Li is a second-generation client of DBS Treasures Private Client and has recently invested in Asia Impact First Fund together with his father.

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Venture Philanthropy

Philanthropy is changing and moving towards the likes of venture philanthropy as the wealthy find newer, more collaborative ways to give back to society. In the essence of doing well while doing good, venture philanthropy goes above financial support to organisations to align the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of investment.

Impact-first investing: A different type of philanthropy

Impact investing is coming to the fore as a way for investors to help create a better and more sustainable world, by channelling funds in support of companies that aim to achieve both financial profits and positive social and/or environmental impact.

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Venture Philanthropy Changing Communities

As an investor for impact, AT Capital supports Social Enterprises (SEs) that have a focus on reducing food waste in the region. One of their recipients is S4S Technologies. We took the chance to chat with Mr Phillip to find out more about their opinions on the impact of food waste and how the partnership with DBS Foundation (DBSF) has assisted them in extending their support to the SEs that are aligned with their corporate values.

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Elevating Community Welfare by Reducing Food Waste

Inspired by the quote “We rise by lifting others”, S4S Technologies strives to provide a sustainable source of livelihood to its community while building a business with financial gains through the support and mentorship of investors and DBS Foundation. We sit down with the co-founders of S4S Technologies as they share their recent achievements.

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Digitising Indonesia’s Healthcare

Driven to make an impact in Indonesia’s healthcare landscape, Ms Soetikno founded PT GUE with a social mission, to improve patient management and provide greater access to healthcare.

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Supporting the Marginalised

Deeply touched by the story of Bettr Barista, a DBS client made the decision to support the marginalised women and youths-at-risk by sustaining their employment with Bettr Barista.

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Whether it is creating a purposeful portfolio, transitioning your businesses for more sustainable practices, or exploring opportunities for impact philanthropy, we are here to help you. Get in touch to discuss with one of our Relationship Managers on how we can best support you and your family.

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