Spice up your portfolio with personalised alerts
27 Jul 2021

Spice up your portfolio with personalised alerts

As all food lovers are aware, the best gastronomic tips come from those in the know. Being alerted of available seats at the hottest new restaurants means you can act quickly to secure yourself a favourable position ahead of the crowd.

Personalised alerts to spice up your portfolio

Investing and managing your portfolio should be as easy as making a restaurant reservation. Being occupied with career, life and family, it’s difficult to watch the market all the time to track price movements or find more investment opportunities. That’s why receiving helpful alerts on market movements makes investing easier.

That’s why with our new personalised investment alerts, you will have timely market insights proactively delivered to you, making investing easier for you.

  • Know when your stock prices move significantly so you can take action without spending every minute watching the market
  • Discover new stocks to expand your investment options
  • Be automatically notified when FX rates move in your favour

With investment alerts on your holdings, monitoring your portfolio and acting fast to take the right step for your investments is even more effortless.

Serving you timely insights

We all appreciate timely information on new restaurant promotions and special menus so we can enjoy them while they’re available. In the same way, our digibank app will alert you when your stocks make significant price movements, such as when they hit a 52-week high or low.

With timely alerts served to you, you’ll get the information you need to seize the right opportunity for your investment portfolio with just a few taps on your phone. Whether it’s buying on a dip, selling at a high or holding your position, you won’t miss the chance just because you were unaware of a price movement on your holdings.

Market Movement Alerts

Expand your list of favourites

Our portfolio of favourite food grows when we receive good suggestions from trusted sources. Our personalised investment alerts can do the same for your investment portfolio.

Building on stocks you’ve been interested in, you’ll receive customised suggestions of similar stocks to consider based on features such as industry sector, geography and financial ratios. Research the suggested companies, invest if they are right for you, and diversify your portfolio easily by making your investment through digibank.

Similar Stocks Alerts

Similar Stocks Alerts

Discover international flavours of markets around the world as our alerts diligently monitor market movements and highlight equity investments across seven markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Similar Stocks Alerts

The investment alerts empower you with timely market insights so you can choose your next investment move that suits your palate and investment strategy.

When a stock price moves up, some investors may choose to sell while others may choose to buy more shares, believing the company has greater growth potential. As everyone has a different strategy, the action taken following a personalised alert should be based on your investment strategy, time horizon, risk profile and goal as the alerts are not an investment recommendation. Some people will choose Otoro sushi while others prefer a Tomahawk steak.

Like having an attentive maître d at your service, you won’t have to lift a finger to subscribe to the personalised investment alerts or manually set multiple parameters. It will be automatically available to you through your online trading platform and will monitor the markets so you won’t have to anxiously keep a lookout. Enjoy your favourite food and spend time on what you love while we help you track major market movements.

Stay on top of the market, invest easily and seize opportunities with our personalised equity alerts on DBS digibank.

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