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As simple as a few taps to transfer money and pay your bills


Enjoy peace of mind with secured SGD transfers of up to S$250,000


24/7 availability for most transfer options, for whenever you need them.


Transfer funds using PayNow

With PayNow, you can send money instantly using any of the recipient’s information listed below:

  • Mobile number
  • NRIC or FIN number
  • Company Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

You can also use PayNow for cross border transfers to Thailand and India

Learn how you can easily perform PayNow transfers on DBS digibank and Paylah! anytime, anywhere.


Transfer funds to another bank using FAST

Fast and Secure Transfer (FAST) is an electronic funds transfer service that lets you transfer Singapore Dollar (SGD) funds almost instantly from one participating bank to another within Singapore, up to a maximum limit of S$200,000 per transaction.

Before you start using FAST, here’s how to add a new local fund transfer recipient.

If you are transferring funds to the following banks and non-financial institutions (NFIs), you can only do so via the ‘Transfer to Other Bank Account (FAST)’ option. Other methods of transfers are not accepted by these banks and NFIs.


Refer to link here for a complete list of the participating banks, NFIs and account types for FAST.

When it comes to your daily transactions, it’s always prudent to review your current limits and lower them based on your needs. That way, if your account were to be compromised, your daily limit would prevent large unauthorised transactions from emptying your savings. Learn how you can change your funds transfer limit on digibank.


Bill payment using GIRO 

You can set up General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) arrangements to facilitate automated payments to billing organisations (BOs).

GIRO reduces the hassle of performing ad-hoc payments for your bills as they will be automatically deducted from your designated DBS/POSB account and paid to your respective BO upon their request. All you need to do is to ensure that this account has sufficient funds before the deduction due date.

Pro tip: Check with your BO on your deduction due date.

To avoid unsuccessful GIRO deductions due to insufficient funds, we advise you to check that your account has the required amount a day before the deduction date.

For example:
Your BO makes the deduction regularly on the 10th of every month. Ensure that your bank account has sufficient funds by latest 11:59 pm on the 9th.

Learn how you can set up a GIRO arrangement on digibank online.

Need to transfer money on a regular basis to a designated account?

You can also set up a recurring local funds transfer, also known as a Standing Instructions. This service automatically transfers a fixed amount in SGD from your DBS/POSB Savings or Current Account to a designated receiving account on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly) based on your request.

Learn how you can set up a Standing Instruction on digibank online.


Getting a Cashier’s Order for your designated recipient

A Cashier’s Order is a cheque issued by the Bank, payable to your designated recipient. Enjoy the added flexibility of online purchase options, with a nominal service fee of S$3 per Cashier’s Order. Choose to have it mail it to your registered mailing address or self-collect at the nearest DBS/POSB branches.

Online purchase is only available for customers with:

  • digibank login credentials
  • a DBS/POSB current/savings account

For self-collection, 3rd party authorisation is not allowed. You must bring your NRIC/Passport personally at your selected branch for collection.
Learn More


Same day inter-bank fund transfer with MEPS

MEPS is an online Singapore Dollar (SGD) inter-bank payment and settlement system, which allows you to make same day inter-bank transfers, if the application is submitted before the cut-off time of 2pm on weekdays. Transfers submitted after the cut-off time will be made on the next working day

MEPS transfers are only available at branches at S$20 per transfer.


Get DBS digibank app

Get access to most of our electronic fund transfer options quickly with our digibank app.

You can register for digibank access using any one of the methods:

  • DBS/POSB ATM, Debit, or Credit Card number and PIN
  • Singpass Face Verification (For Singapore Citizens, PRs, and eligible foreigners1 only)

1Foreigners who have EP, SP, DP, LTVP, or Student Pass.

You can start by opening your first DBS/POSB, Savings or Current account, using our digibank app.

It's easier if you’re a Singapore citizen, PR, or eligible foreigner1. We can prefill your application form using Singpass.

But don't worry, you can still sign up without Singpass.

For foreigners with no Singpass access, you can refer to our page on what to prepare. Thereafter, select ‘Continue without Singpass’ to proceed with account application.

Unsure of what we offer? You may consider the following accounts:

Multiplier Account
My Account

1Foreigners who have EP, SP, DP, LTVP, or Student Pass.

Register online and your Singpass should be ready for account application the next day.

For foreigners, make sure to have your FIN numberand Singapore (+65) mobile number ready.

Pro tip: Select Face Verification for instant registration.



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