Service Fees

Service Fees

A S$50 monthly service fee will be charged if the ending balance of the account(s) is below S$200,000 on the last day of each month.

See table below for further illustration:

  Balance as of 30 Sep Balance as of 31 Oct Balance as of 30 Nov  

Ending Balance Amount





Fees Chargeable





Debit amount reflected in January DBS Treasures Statement




S$100 debit in January for fees charged from September to November

When will the service fee be debited from my account?

Though the service fee is calculated on a monthly basis, debiting of the amount only takes place every quarter. The debiting months are January, April, July and October.

What is the transaction description for the service fee charge?

The service fee charge will be reflected as Code: SCTR (for DBS accounts) or SCT (for POSB accounts) in your monthly DBS Treasures statement. Description: Service Fee-Treasures.

Which account will the service fee be debited from if I have more than one account with DBS?

For your convenience, the monthly service fee will be debited against the Autosave account.

If you do not have one, the order of debiting will be: DBS Savings, DBS eMulti-Currency / Multi-Currency, DBS Multiplier, POSB Savings or DBS Current.

What if I would like further clarifications on the service fee?

You may contact your DBS Treasures Relationship Manager or Wealth Manager for assistance.