Education Endowment

ManuEdu First - Education Endowment Plan

Because her success will mean more to you than your own.

ManuEdu First education savings plan

You worked hard to become who you are today. And now you have the power to help pave the way for your child’s success.

Grow your funds with ManuEdu First, an endowment plan that gives you fixed returns and payouts at every learning stage. So you can focus on what you do best—nurturing success.

With ManuEdu First, we can help you meet your needs for:

  • endowment plan for child’s education
    Child's Education
  • savings plan for child’s reward
    Gifting for children

Product Details

Increase their coverage, enhance their protection

  • Get back at least 100% of your total premiums paid1 over the policy term
  • Enjoy fixed returns up to 1.43%2 per annum
  • Pay premiums for only 10 years
  • Choice of Payout Ages at age 18 or 20 to align payouts with your child’s educational milestones
  • Benefit from 2 additional yearly Fixed Cash Benefits (FCB), payable prior to the Payout Age
  • Choose to:
    • Receive Fixed Cash Benefits (FCB), based on your chosen Payout Ages; or
    • Accumulate the FCB at a non-guaranteed interest of 3%3 per annum with Manulife
  • Guaranteed issuance - With no medical check-up requirement
  • Covers your child for Death4 and Terminal Illness (TI)4

How ManuEdu First works

Mr. Koh, age 35, non-smoker, bought the plans for his children – Diane and Darren, with a Sum Insured5 of S$250,000 for each child. He pays the premiums yearly and chooses the Payout Age 18 and 20 for Diane and Darren respectively which will likely align with their University Year 1 expenses.

Diane's Age% of Sum Insured5Darren's Age
6th FCB (20%) = S$50,000

Mr. Koh can use the larger payouts (e.g. Year 1) to fund Diane and Darren's yearly University and living expenses.

205th FCB (20%) = S$50,00022
194th FCB (20%) = S$50,00021
183rd FCB (40%) = S$100,00020

Mr. Koh can use the first 2 payouts for any educational related expenses. For instance, an overseas exchange program.

172nd FCB (5%) = S$12,50017
161st FCB (5%) = S$12,50016
(S$22,708 yearly)
Total Premiums6 paid over 10 yearsS$216,575
(S$21,658 yearly)
S$275,000Total FCB Received (A)S$275,000
S$110,430Projected7 bonuses at maturity (B)S$133,598

Mr. Koh gifts ManuEdu First to Diane and Darren to mark their achievements.

S$385,430Projected Total Benefits8 (A+B)S$408,598
Note: The above is only for illustrative purposes.

Let’s see how much it costs

With ManuEdu First, you only need to pay 10 years of fixed premiums. The earlier you start saving, the lower your monthly premiums.

Monthly Premiums
Newborn childChild at entry age 5
Age 18
Age 20
Age 18
Age 20

The above is only for illustrative purposes and figures are rounded up to the next dollar.

Protect yourself and your child

Your child’s education should continue, no matter what happens to you. Adding these optional riders to your ManuEdu First plan will ensure that you will be able to take care of their education financing.

Optional RiderIn the event ofWaiver of
future premiums
Lump sum

Premium Waiver



Terminal Illness

Total and Permanent Disability



Not Applicable

Cancer Care
Premium Waiver


Major Cancer



Not Applicable

Level Term Rider



Terminal Illness

Total and Permanent Disability



basic plan's
annual premium
(minimum Sum
Insured of S$10,000) or
whichever is lower

Please see the Product Summary of the respective riders for details.

For more information, visit any DBS Treasures centre or

Contact me

1 Applicable only if the policy is without any optional rider and is held to maturity with no policy alterations (e.g.: reduced in Sum Insured and reduced paid-up).
2 The fixed returns vary depending on the age, Sum Insured, policy term, premium payment frequency and payout age. The fixed returns of up to 1.43% per annum are only upon policy maturity. It is based on a newborn child, Payout Age 20 Age Last Birthday, Sum Insured of S$100,000, paying annual premium and receiving the yearly Fixed Cash Benefits (FCB).
3 The current interest rate is 3% per annum. It is non-guaranteed and is subject to change by Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ("Manulife") with 30 days’ advance notice to the Policy Owner.
4 If the child (Life Insured) dies or is diagnosed with TI during the policy term, Manulife will pay the death benefit in a lump sum, less any amount owed to Manulife as follows:

  1. Higher of [(101% of the total premiums paid on the basic plan, less any advance premiums and any Fixed Cash Benefit declared) or (the Fixed Surrender Value)]; and
  2. Accumulated Reversionary Bonus (if any); and
  3. Claim Bonus (if any); and
  4. FCB accumulated with Manulife with non-guaranteed interest (if any). Other terms and conditions apply. Please see the Product Summary and Contract for details.
5 The Sum Insured is solely used to determine the FCB and Reversionary Bonus only. It does not represent the benefits payable on a claimed event.
6 Based on a newborn child with respective Payout Age and without any optional rider. Figures are rounded up to the next dollar.
7 Projected bonuses are based on 4.75% per annum investment rate of return. The bonus rates used for the benefit illustrated above are not guaranteed. The actual benefits payable may vary according to the future performance of the Participating Fund that this policy takes part in.
8 Comprises guaranteed and non-guaranteed payouts and assuming the Policy Owner receives the yearly FCB.

Information is correct as at 1 January 2016.

Important Notes

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