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DriveShield Plus

Drive safe, pay less

DriveShield Plus

DriveShield Plus is Singapore’s first car insurance policy to base your premium on your driving habits - the safer you drive, the lower your premium. With a small on-board telematics device installed in your car, you’ll be all set to turn your safe driving into savings.

DriveShield Plus comes with a complementary MSIG Connected Car mobile app. It allows you to assess your driving in real time so that you can improve your driving for a good score. Drivers with a good score can enjoy waiver of standard excess and even lower premiums at the next insurance renewal!

Product Details

  1. Get comprehensive coverage for your car against accidental loss or damage

  2. Get a free telematics device and complimentary installation, worth more than S$250

  3. Receive up to S$150 cash upon free installation of the telematics device

    • Install the device within 30 days from the policy commencement date and receive a cash reward from MSIG:
      a. S$100 cash for Value Plan
      b. S$150 cash for Premier Plan
  4. Track and improve your driving

  5. Enjoy up to 100% excess waiver for safe drivers, at the time of claim

  6. With a good drive score, enjoy more savings upon your insurance renewal with MSIG the following year

  7. Real Time Location Tracking in Singapore and West Malaysia (optional benefit)

    • Locate your car in real time with the MSIG Connected Car mobile app
    • Receive up to S$1,000 per policy year for personal effects from the insured car

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In 4 easy steps, you will be all set to turn your safe driving into savings!

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Benefits of the MSIG Connected Car mobile app

  • Get real time feedback and driving tips to improve your driving

  • Measure & monitor your real mileage and distance travelled (up to 30 days on mobile app)

    No more guesswork and fuss, just tap on the app to find out which parts of the month you drive the most

  • Access the one-push emergency button for 24/7 Automobile and Medical Assistance Services

  • Never forget where you park again. Simply locate your car via the app anywhere in Singapore and even in West Malaysia

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DriveShield Plus Plan

  1. What is DriveShield Plus?

    DriveShield Plus is a motor insurance plan underwritten by MSIG that rewards safe drivers by charging premiums based on the driver’s driving style and habits. A telematics device will be installed in the car to record the driver’s driving data.

    The driver can easily access his/her driving data via the MSIG Connected Car mobile app in his smart phone or on MSIG Connected Car Portal

  2. How is my car insurance premium calculated?

    Your first year premium is based on MSIG's standard motor premium taking into account your current No Claim Discount (NCD) entitlement.

    Your drive score category will be taken into consideration when computing your renewal premium (second year onwards).

Telematics device

  1. How will the installation of the telematics device be done?

    The installation can only be done at MSIG’s designated VICOM workshops. Details of the workshops can be found in the DriveShield Plus Infopack that you will receive together with your policy documents, within 7 working days after purchase.

    The installation will take about 30 minutes.

  2. Do I have to pay for the installation?

    The cost of installation will be fully borne by MSIG. Install the device within 30 days from the policy commencement date and receive cash from MSIG:

    • S$100 cash for Value Plan
    • S$150 cash for Premier Plan
  3. How soon can I have the telematics device installed?

    You can install the device at MSIG designated workshops, 3 working days after your policy is issued. The device must be installed within 30 days from the policy commencement date.

  4. Where will the device be installed in my car?

    The telematics device will either be inserted to your car's on-board diagnostics port (OBD) or mounted on the car battery using wiring and a waterproof sleeve to protect the device. The trained professionals at the designated workshops will assess and advise you which method is most suitable according to the model of your car.

  5. What is the size of the telematics device?

    It measures 5.4cm x 4.8cm x 2.6cm.

  6. Will the telematics device drain the power of my car battery?

    No. All devices are designed for ultra-low power consumption of battery power.

  7. What if the device is faulty or becomes unplugged?

    If your device stops working or becomes unplugged, you'll receive an SMS alert. Please contact MSIG Customer Service at + 65 6827 7661 (Mon – Fri, 8.45am – 5.30pm) or email to for assistance.

  8. What happens if I do not install the telematics device?

    Installation of the device forms part of the insurance coverage and the device must be installed within 30 days from the policy commencement date. If installation is not done, you will not enjoy the waiver of excess in the event of an accident for policyholders in the green and yellow drive score category and the MSIG Connected Car Services. All other policy benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions will continue to apply.

Driving Data

  1. What data is collected by the telematics device?

    The device records your driving data on a per trip basis. Trip data is recorded from the time you start your car, until the engine is switched off. During the trip, the following data is collected:

    • Trip start and end time and date
    • Distance driven and route taken during the trip
    • Duration of trip
    • Speed during trip
    • How you accelerate, brake and corner
  2. How is MSIG using the driving data collected through the telematics device installed in my car?

    Driving data collected will be used to compute your drive score to determine if any excess waiver applies in the event of claims. Your drive score will form the basis for your renewal premium. Safe drivers with good drive scores can enjoy favourable renewal premiums.

  3. Where can I access my driving data?

    Download the "MSIG Connected Car" app from App Store or Google Play Store or visit MSIG Connected Car Portal, and you will be able to access your driving data such as:

    • Monitor your driving style and improve drive score
    • Get real time feedback on ways to improve driving habits
    • Keep track of your Trip History such as distance travelled of up to 30 days on the mobile app or up to 60 days from the MSIG Connected Car Services Portal
    • Trigger one-push emergency button for 24/7 Automobile and Medical Assistance
    • Locate your car anywhere in Singapore
  4. How is the drive score determined?

    The drive score is determined by a defined scoring model which takes into account events such as excessive acceleration, harsh cornering and harsh braking.

  5. How do I improve on my drive score?

    You can view the “Driver Feedback” function in the MSIG Connected Car Portal or mobile app. It provides an analysis of your driving behaviour as well as tips on how to improve your drive score.

  6. Does the telematics device track my location?

    Yes, the location data is captured and transmitted to MSIG’s appointed telematics provider. You can use functions like “Location” to see the actual location of your car. MSIG will not have access to this data.

  7. When can I view my trip history after I installed the telematics device?

    You can view your trip history and drive score via the mobile app and web portal within 2 working days from the device installation and after the policy commencement date. If you install the device ahead of the policy commencement, no trip history will be recorded during this period.

  8. What if I share my car with another driver?

    The telematics device is installed in the vehicle to track the driving style and behaviour of drivers using the vehicle. If the vehicle is shared with another authorised driver, the scoring and feedback will be based on the drive trips and driving behaviour of the drivers.


  1. What is the excess payable in the event of an accident?

    First 60 days from the start of policy – the Standard Excess stated in your policy applies.

    After 60 days from the start of policy – the excess will be adjusted based on your last 30 days’ drive score (green, yellow, orange or red) recorded in your MSIG Connected Car mobile app at the time of the accident.

    Policyholders in the green and yellow drive score category will enjoy a waiver of Excess:

    • Green - 100% waiver of Standard Excess
    • Yellow - 50% waiver of Standard Excess
    • Orange/Red - Standard Excess

    Please refer to Excess tab for more information


  1. I am an existing DriveShield policyholder, can I switch to this plan? What is the cancellation and refund policy for my existing plan?

    Existing DriveShield policyholders can switch to the DriveShield Plus plan upon expiry of the existing policy.

    Please call MSIG Insurance Customer Centre at +65 6827 7608 (Mon – Fri, 8.45am – 5.30pm) or email us at for assistance.

  2. What happens if I am selling my car?

    You may cancel the policy by notifying us in writing. Please visit our designated VICOM workshops 7 working days after the cancellation to have the telematics device removed.

  3. If I changed my car after the first year, will the renewal premium for my new car be based on the previous year’s drive score?

    Your new car will be covered under a new policy. Your previous drive score will not apply to the new policy.

  4. What if I have more questions?

    Please contact MSIG Insurance Customer Centre at 6827 7608 (Mon – Fri, 8.45am – 5.30pm) or email you questions to

Understanding the Excess

Drive Score Category & Effective Standard Excess

There are 4 Drive Score Categories and the Effective Standard Excess is derived from the respective Drive Score Category. Policyholders in the Green and Yellow drive score categories will enjoy a waiver of Excess as below:

Drive Safe, Pay Less

Scenario 1
Samantha’s 24 year-old son just got his driver’s license. He drives her car and gets into an accident. In addition to Samantha’s Standard Excess of $500, the Young and/or Inexperienced driver excess of $3,000 applies as the car was driven by her son. (A young and/or Inexperienced driver refers to a driver aged below 27 years old and/or has held a valid driving license of less than 2 years.)

If Samantha’s last 30 days Drive Score was in the green category.
Her total Standard Excess is $3,500. In this scenario, not only will she enjoy the 100% waiver of her Standard Excess, the Young and/or Inexperienced driver excess of $3,000 for her son, will also be waived in full.

If Samantha’s last 30 days Drive Score was in the red category.
Her total Standard Excess is $3,500. As her drive score is in the red category, there is no waiver of Excess.

Scenario 2
Steven is 26 years old and has been driving for less than two years. His Standard Excess is $3,000.

If Steven’s last 30 days Drive Score was in the green category.
His Effective Standard Excess is $0, as he will enjoy 100% waiver of Excess.

Please refer to the policy wordings for the full details of the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance policies.

Terms and Conditions Governing Purchase of Insurance Products from MSIG Insurance and Income via the DBS website


DriveShield Plus is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“MSIG Insurance”) and distributed by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). It is not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by DBS. This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exceptions of these insurance plans are provided in the Policy and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by MSIG Insurance.

This Policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). For more information on the scheme, please visit the General Insurance Association or SDIC websites.

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