Frequently Asked Questions

Which stage of critical illnesses does eCriticalCare cover?

eCriticalCare provides coverage for 37 advanced stage critical illnesses (CI). Upon diagnosis of any of the 37 covered CI listed in the contract while the policy is in-force, we will pay 100% of the coverage amount.

For Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatment for Coronary Artery, we will advance 10% of the coverage amount, capped at S$25,000 and you will continue to be covered.

Please refer to the Sample Policy Contract for the precise terms, conditions and exclusions.

Does this policy pay based on my medical expenses due to ICU hospitalisation
No. 30% of the coverage amount will be paid in advance under the Recovery Care Benefit in the event that admission to an ICU of a hospital for a total of 5 consecutive days (including HDU if required) as medically required. The policyholder can then use this payout to cover loss of income for time taken off work to recover or other expenses incurred during recovery.
If the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness and then passes on, will both Critical Illness and Death Benefit be paid out?

No. If the life insured is diagnosed with a critical illness and survived for at least 7 days from date of diagnosis or date of treatment (depending on CI), the critical illness benefit will be paid out and the policy terminates. Otherwise, only the death benefit shall be payable.

Please refer to the Sample Policy Contract for the precise terms, conditions and exclusions.
Can foreigners apply?

Foreigners who are Singapore permanent residents may apply. Do refer to the Frequently Asked Questions relating to Eligibility & Underwriting.

How can I terminate my policy?
You may write in to [email protected] to terminate your policy and there will be no cash value if you choose to do so.
Who can I contact if I have further queries?
If you have further product-related enquiries, please email Manulife at [email protected]. If you are facing technical difficulties, you may explore our live chat service in DBS/POSB digibank online.