What is Dementia Caregiver Protect?

Dementia Caregiver Protect is an insurance policy that covers the Care Recipient and their appointed Caregiver. It offers financial support to help the Caregiver navigate the complexities of caregiving if the Care Recipient is diagnosed with dementia.

What does the product cover?

The policy provides coverage to both the Care Recipient and the Caregiver. For the Care Recipient, the policy provides:

  • Annual dementia health screening
  • Lump sum payout upon diagnosis of dementia

After the Care Recipient is diagnosed with dementia, the policy will further cover the Caregiver for:

  • Up to 12 monthly payouts for voluntary loss of employment and utility bills, if the Caregiver voluntarily resigns to provide caregiving to the Care Recipient
  • Reimbursement of Caregiver’s counselling expenses incurred due to mental distress arising from caregiving

All benefits are subject to policy terms, conditions, and exclusions and in accordance with sum insured indicated on the Policy Schedule.

What is the difference between the Policyholder, Care Recipient and Caregiver?

A Policyholder is the applicant who purchased the insurance policy. The Policyholder can be either the Caregiver or Care Recipient.

The Care Recipient and the Caregiver cannot be the same person under a single policy. The Care Recipient specified in the Policy Schedule is the person who may potentially be diagnosed with dementia. If the Care Recipient's diagnosis is confirmed, the benefits of the policy will take effect accordingly.

The Caregiver is the person specified as the Caregiver in the Policy Schedule. The Caregiver primarily provides social and/or physical support to the Care Recipient, who has been diagnosed with dementia, to assist with the Care Recipient’s daily living requirements.

Can I be the Care Recipient under multiple Dementia Caregiver Protect policies?

No, you can only be the Care Recipient under a single policy. Chubb will validate the application details against the Care Recipient’s NRIC / Malaysian IC / Passport number. Full premiums will be refunded for duplicate policies.

Can I be the Caregiver for different Care Recipients under multiple policies (e.g. one policy for each parent)?

Yes, you may be the Caregiver to multiple Care Recipients.
If any or all of the Care Recipients are diagnosed with dementia, you are entitled to receive the benefits of each policy, subject to terms and conditions in the Policy Wording and limits stated in each Policy Schedule.

Is there any waiting period for the Policy?

There is a waiting period of 90 days from the commencement date of the policy. If the diagnosis of dementia happens within the waiting period, then no benefits are payable under the policy. The premiums paid will be refunded.