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Unlock a wider range of investments

Gain access to sophisticated investments not available to retail investors

Tap on the expertise of dedicated wealth advisors

Get a dedicated DBS Treasures Relationship Manager and a team of Investment Counsellors

Access to Wealth Management Account

A powerful investment tool that lets you track, analyse and trade effortlessly

Considered to be better informed and have the resources to protect their own interests, an Accredited Investor (AI) is someone who meets the requirements set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and has opted in to be treated as such by the bank.

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Why become an Accredited Investor?

Being an Accredited Investor lets you gain the full advantage of the opportunities that DBS Treasures offers.

Unlock more investment opportunities

You will have access to investments not available to retail investors, such as equity-linked notes, selected investment grade bonds, structured products and funds. With these alternative investments you can continue investing, whatever the market condition.

Make better decisions with expert advice

You can count on a dedicated Relationship Manager and a team of Investment Counsellors. As your wealth experts, they will provide advice and insights to solutions that are best suited to your risk appetite and needs.

Gain better control of your investments

In addition, you will also have a powerful investment dashboard – the DBS Treasures Wealth Management Account, which lets you effortlessly track your investment performance, manage your investing cash flow, and review your portfolio.


Who qualifies as an Accredited Investor?

To benefit from being an Accredited Investor with DBS Treasures, simply satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • Minimum income of S$300,000 in the last 12 months (or its equivalent in a foreign currency); or
  • At least S$2 million of net personal assets, of which the net value of your primary place of residence can only contribute up to S$1 million; or
  • At least S$1 million value of net financial assets (or its equivalent in a foreign currency); or
  • Hold a joint account with an Accredited Investor, in respect of dealings through that joint account.

How to be an Accredited Investor

If you’re an existing DBS Treasures client, you can opt in via digibanking or speak to your relationship manager.

Not yet a client? Start growing your wealth with us, and opt in as an Accreditted Investor today.


Frequently asked questions

Below are some benefits and consequences of being an Accredited Investor (AI) client:

  • An AI generally has access to a wider range of financial products and services.
  • AIs are assumed to be better informed, and better able to access resources to protect their own interests, and therefore require less regulatory protection.
  • Investors who agree to be treated as AIs therefore forgo the benefit of certain regulatory safeguards. For example, issuers of securities are exempted from issuing a full prospectus registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in respect of offers that are made only to AIs, and intermediaries are exempted from several business conduct requirements when dealing with AIs.
  • Investors should consult a professional adviser if they do not understand any consequence of being treated as an AI.

For details on the relevant regulatory requirements which we will be exempted from when serving you as an AI, please refer to here.

Generally, a non-AI has access to a limited range of financial products and services as compared to those available to an AI.

There may be limitations on the new investment products that we may offer to you. However, we shall continue to provide services to you for your existing investments.

Accredited Investor (AI) status is held on a per financial institution basis. If you opt in for AI status, this will be applied to all DBS account(s) which are held in your name.

The only exception is in respect of non-AIs who maintain joint accounts with at least one account holder who is an AI. For such cases, if there is at least one AI individual account holder, the non-AI account holders may opt in to be treated as an AI but only in respect of dealings through that joint account.

You may wish to note that DBS will be required to treat you as a non-AI for your joint account(s) from 8 July 2020 if the joint account does not have at least (i) one AI individual account holder or (ii) if the non-AI account holder(s) have not opted in to be treated as an AI for dealings through that joint account.

You can indicate your wish to opt-in through any of these channels:

  1. Digitally through DBS digibanking (steps detailed below);
  2. Returning the AI Opt-In form by mail / scan / fax to your Relationship Manager; or
  3. Returning a positive email reply to your Relationship Manager if you receive an email from the Bank.

Steps to opt-in via digibanking

Step 1. Login to DBS digibanking

Step 2. Go to “Wealth Management” > “Request” tab and select “Accredited Investor Declaration”.

Step 3. Select “Opt-in as AI”, complete and submit.

Existing AI clients may opt out of the AI status at any time. If you are an existing AI and wish to opt out of the AI status, please inform your Relationship Manager. Do note that DBS may take approximately 14 days to process your request. DBS will notify you once your request has been processed and your investor status has been updated in DBS’ records. Until such time, you would still be considered an AI.

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