This Information is provided to readers who are “Accredited Investors” (as defined under the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore).

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Institutional-Grade Security & Trust


Trade anywhere anytime on digibank*


Consolidated View of Your Crypto Assets in Wealth Management Account


It can be time-consuming and a hassle to juggle multiple crypto exchange accounts, all while having to link your bank account or credit card to them. Well, not anymore.

Now you have access to trade cryptocurrencies and add them to your current portfolio mix on digibank. So you can manage them all in one place – from your wealth management account.

Accredited investors can start trading crypto on digibank app with the confidence of DBS’s Institutional-grade security.​

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Features and Benefits

Institutional-Grade Security & Trust

Seamless Transactions

No additional payment transfer fees and third-party processing. Trade crypto in a few taps on your digibank app and have the amount debited directly from your Wealth Management Account.

Consolidated Portfolio View

Get a macro view of your crypto holdings with your other assets on DBS digibank.


Risks of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is highly risky and you can lose your entire investment. Please assess carefully if cryptocurrency trading is suitable for you. Invest only if you understand the nature and risks of the product, are able to take on high levels of investment risk, are comfortable in investing in high volatility, low liquidity, complex products, and can monitor your investment. Some of the risks of trading on DBS DigiExchange (DDEx) include:

  • Price Differential Risk: The prices on the DDEx, at any point in time, may be different from the prices of the same Cryptocurrencies on the general market or other exchanges or trading platforms.
  • Liquidity & Market Access Risks: Cryptocurrencies traded on the DDEx may have limited secondary market liquidity. It may be difficult for you to buy or sell the Cryptocurrencies, even if the market price of Cryptocurrencies continues to change.
  • Potential Conflicts of Interest: DBS and its affiliates play a variety of roles and would have various interest/benefits in connection with trading of Cryptocurrencies on DDEx.

Please refer to Sections 2 & 4 of the Terms & Conditions Governing Investment Products in DBS Treasures Agreement for details.


Trading Hours & Services

​*Trading Hours:

Anytime, except when Exchange is closed between 7am to 8am daily.

The trading hours and application of the market phase are published by the Exchange and are subjected to changes by the Exchange without prior notice.

Available Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Sell:

Bitcoin (BTC/USD)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD)
Ethereum (ETH/USD)
Ripple (XRP/USD)
Polkadot (DOT/USD)
Cardano (ADA/USD)


Fees Details:

Trading Fee: 1% (excluding exchange fee of 0.10%)
Custodian Fee: 0.50% per annum on the market value of the asset.


How to place your crypto trade on digibank app​​


How to Apply

Contact your Relationship Manager to open your crypto account today.

Step 1
Login to your DBS digibank app

Step 2
Tap on ❔ and select “Your Relationship Manager”

Step 3
Tap on ✉ icon beside your team’s name

Step 4
Type your message in and tap on “Submit”

​Alternatively, you can submit a contact form here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

DBS Digital Exchange (“DDEx”) offers trading services for various digital assets including security tokens and cryptocurrencies. It is backed by leading Asian financial services group, DBS Bank, which has decades of extensive experience in capital markets and providing secure custodial services.

You need to be an “Accredited Investor” (as defined under the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore) and complete an onboarding application. For more details, please contact your Relationship Manager.

It will be executed in DBS DDEx.

DBS Digital Exchange currently has SIX Cryptocurrencies listed, namely, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Polkadot and Cardano.

You may check the market prices of Cryptocurrencies on the Digital Payment Token Exchange webpage.

Please take note that the prices of the Cryptocurrencies on the DBS Digital Exchange may differ from other exchanges.

Yes. DDEx will have regular system maintenance.

During DDEx scheduled system maintenance, prices will not be available and there will be no trade execution during this period.

In the event of an unscheduled downtime, prices will not be available and there will be no trade execution during this period. Clients will be notified via digibank.

Anytime, except when DDEx is closed between 7am to 8am (SGT) daily.

Session Time (SGT) Status
Auction Phase 0800-0815
(15 mins)
Clients can submit new limit orders, cancel or modify (price & quantity) existing orders during this Auction Phase. Orders will not be matched.
Trading Session 0815-0700
(next day)
Trading Session where orders will be matched. Clients can place orders, cancel and modify.
Closed 0700-0800
(60 mins)
DDEx is closed between 7am to 8am (SGT) daily.

Please take note that Trade Date will change to next day once a trade is placed after 12 midnight SGT.

New orders can be placed when DDEx is closed or during Auction Phase and these orders will be reflected as “Pending” on the Order Status page. When the Exchange moves into the next Trading Session, these orders’ status will change to “Queuing, Partial Filled or Filled”.

For existing Orders, there will be no fills during the Auction phase. Fills, if any, will only be taking place during the Trading Session.

Please note the minimum order size, maximum quantity per order and each increment size of respective coin as follows:

Cryptocurrency Min Order Size Max Quantity per Order Increment
Bitcoin 0.0001 1,000 0.0001
Bitcoin Cash 0.001 40,000 0.001
Ethereum 0.001 50,000 0.001
Ripple 25 10,000,000 25
Polkadot 0.05 20,000 0.05
Cardano 25 10,000,000 25

Notwithstanding the minimal order size, each transaction is subject to a minimal notional amount of USD 500.

We support Day Limit Orders and Good-till-Date (“GTD”) Limit Orders.

  • Day Limit Orders: Day Limit Orders will be valid until 0700 hr (SGT) when the current trading session ends.
  • GTD Limit Orders: GTD orders will be valid up to 30 days.

No. Currently, you can only trade cryptocurrencies against USD. In view of T+0 Settlement, your account would need to be funded with the necessary USD balance to place a successful trade.

No. Currently, cryptocurrencies are not eligible to be pledged as collateral.

Yes, your cryptocurrencies holdings will appear in your statement under the section “FX”, as well as in digibank under the section “Alternatives”.

DBS Treasures does not accept any inward or outward transfer of cryptocurrencies.

No. DBS currently has no house-views on cryptocurrency.

No. Clients who are US Persons, are not allowed to trade Cryptocurrencies on the DBS Digital Exchange.

This includes the scenario of client who purchased Cryptocurrencies through the DBS Digital Exchange when he was not a US Person, and subsequently became a US Person. In such a scenario, the client can continue to hold onto the Cryptocurrencies, or they may continue to hold the Cryptocurrencies in their account

A: You can apply for a Wealth Management Account via your digibank app or contact your Relationship Manager. For more details on how you can do so, please click here.

Disclaimers and Important Notice

Please refer to the Additional Terms and Conditions Governing Digital Tokens for DBS Treasures Customers for more specific risk disclosures on trading of digital tokens. ​

This information does not constitute or form part of any offer, recommendation, invitation or solicitation to subscribe to or enter into any transaction. It does not have regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. It is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for accounting, legal or tax advice.

Cryptocurrency trading is highly risky and prices can be very volatile. All investments come with risks and you can lose your entire investment. Before you decide to purchase an investment product, you should read all the relevant documents and carefully assess if it is suitable for you. Invest only if you understand and can monitor your investment. Diversify your investments and avoid investing a large portion of your money in a single asset type. ​

To the extent permitted by law, DBS accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damages arising from or in connection with the use or reliance of this email or its contents. If this information has been distributed by electronic transmission, such as e-mail, then such transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.

This information is provided to you as an “Accredited Investor” (defined under the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore and the Securities and Futures (Classes of Investors) Regulations 2018) for your private use only. It is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation, and may not be passed on or disclosed to any person nor copied or reproduced in any manner.​

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