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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DBS DDEx?

DBS Digital Exchange (“DDEx”) offers trading services for various digital assets including security tokens and cryptocurrencies. It is backed by leading Asian financial services group, DBS Bank, which has decades of extensive experience in capital markets and providing secure custodial services.

What are the eligibility criteria to trade cryptocurrencies?

You need to be an “Accredited Investor” (as defined under the Securities and Futures Act of Singapore) and complete an onboarding application. For more details, please contact your Relationship Manager.

Where are the cryptocurrency trades executed?

It will be executed in DBS DDEx.

What are the coins listed on the Exchange?

DBS Digital Exchange currently has SIX Cryptocurrencies listed, namely, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Polkadot and Cardano.

How do I check the market price for cryptocurrencies?

You may check the market prices of Cryptocurrencies on the Digital Payment Token Exchange webpage.

Please take note that the prices of the Cryptocurrencies on the DBS Digital Exchange may differ from other exchanges.

Will DDEx undergo regular system maintenance?

Yes. DDEx will have regular system maintenance.

During DDEx scheduled system maintenance, prices will not be available and there will be no trade execution during this period.

In the event of an unscheduled downtime, prices will not be available and there will be no trade execution during this period. Clients will be notified via digibank.

What are the trading hours for cryptocurrencies on DDEX?

Anytime, except when DDEx is closed between 7am to 8am (SGT) daily.

SessionTime (SGT)Status
Auction Phase0800-0815
(15 mins)
Clients can submit new limit orders, cancel or modify (price & quantity) existing orders during this Auction Phase. Orders will not be matched.
Trading Session0815-0700
(next day)
Trading Session where orders will be matched. Clients can place orders, cancel and modify.
(60 mins)
DDEx is closed between 7am to 8am (SGT) daily.

Please take note that Trade Date will change to next day once a trade is placed after 12 midnight SGT.

New orders can be placed when DDEx is closed or during Auction Phase and these orders will be reflected as “Pending” on the Order Status page. When the Exchange moves into the next Trading Session, these orders’ status will change to “Queuing, Partial Filled or Filled”.

For existing Orders, there will be no fills during the Auction phase. Fills, if any, will only be taking place during the Trading Session.

What is the minimum order size, maximum quantity per order and incremental size for trading cryptocurrencies?

Please note the minimum order size, maximum quantity per order and each increment size of respective coin as follows:

CryptocurrencyMin Order SizeMax Quantity per OrderIncrement
Bitcoin Cash0.00140,0000.001

Notwithstanding the minimal order size, each transaction is subject to a minimal notional amount of USD 500.

What are the supported order types for cryptocurrencies?

We support Day Limit Orders and Good-till-Date (“GTD”) Limit Orders.

  • Day Limit Orders: Day Limit Orders will be valid until 0700 hr (SGT) when the current trading session ends.
  • GTD Limit Orders: GTD orders will be valid up to 30 days.
If my account only has SGD and no USD, can I trade cryptocurrencies in SGD instead of USD?

No. Currently, you can only trade cryptocurrencies against USD. In view of T+0 Settlement, your account would need to be funded with the necessary USD balance to place a successful trade.

Will cryptocurrencies be eligible to be pledged as collateral?

No. Currently, cryptocurrencies are not eligible to be pledged as collateral.

Will my cryptocurrency holdings appear in my statement?

Yes, your cryptocurrencies holdings will appear in your statement under the section “FX”, as well as in digibank under the section “Alternatives”.

Am I able to transfer cryptocurrency holdings in or out from DBS?

DBS Treasures does not accept any inward or outward transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Does DBS have any house-views on cryptocurrencies?

No. DBS currently has no house-views on cryptocurrency.

Are US Persons allowed to hold or trade cryptocurrencies with DBS?

No. Clients who are US Persons, are not allowed to trade Cryptocurrencies on the DBS Digital Exchange.

This includes the scenario of client who purchased Cryptocurrencies through the DBS Digital Exchange when he was not a US Person, and subsequently became a US Person. In such a scenario, the client can continue to hold onto the Cryptocurrencies, or they may continue to hold the Cryptocurrencies in their account

I understand that I need a Wealth Management Account to start trading crypto with DBS. How do I go about opening a Wealth Management Account?

A: You can apply for a Wealth Management Account via your digibank app or contact your Relationship Manager. For more details on how you can do so, please click here.

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