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Find out how DBS Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and DBS Group Research curate global and Singapore stock picks for your selection.

DBS Chief Investment Officer’s global equity tactical strategy

DBS Chief Investment Officer (CIO) provides insights and analysis on what drives global financial markets to help you make informed investment decisions.

Highlights of the global equity tactical strategy:

  • Actionable, high-conviction options to capture opportunities over a timeframe of between one to three months;
  • Stocks from U.S, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia are considered based on price action overlayed with fundamentals;
  • Fundamental research drawn from DBS Group Research, Morningstar and Societe Generale over a 12-month timeframe.

In an uptrend, trade ideas are designed to capture entry points on pullbacks, and vice versa in a downtrend. Standard tools from technical analysis literature are used for the average reader.

Group Research Team’s Singapore model portfolio of stocks

The Equity & Industry team at DBS Group Research comprises a network of analysts who covers companies and industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Korea to identify investment and trading ideas.

The team adopts a thorough and rigorous approach to stock selection, which entails:

  • Examination of general macroeconomic factors driving the stock followed by outlook of industry the stock belongs to;
  • Study of company fundamentals such as business performance and prospects;
  • Technical analysis of stock price; and
  • Establishing model portfolio of stocks by drawing from knowledge and expertise of the entire research team.

The Singapore model portfolio includes three categories of stocks:

  • Blue-chip stocks that provide steady growth over a longer time period. These stocks tend to be more stable and their holding periods can extend beyond a year.
  • Dividend stocks that provide a steady income stream. The investment horizon can be up to 12 months or more.
  • Growth stocks that focus on capital growth with potential for higher returns. However, investors would need to be able to tolerate a fair amount of fluctuations in the stock investment value.

When a stock is selected and added to the model portfolio, its performance is monitored closely to determine when to take profit, hold or cut losses. Investment positions are also protected with recommended stop-loss levels and trailing stops to realise effective profits.

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