Know your risk profile

The key to successful investing is in understanding and managing risks appropriately.

Types of investment risks

All investments contain an element of risk. These include the risks from:

  • General market conditions
  • Fluctuations in currency exchange rates and interest rates
  • Possibility of companies defaulting or going bust

Risk Profiling

The key to successful investing is in understanding and managing these risks appropriately. It is important to consider how much risk you are willing to take, how prepared you are to lose part or all of your capital, and whether you have the ability to make good any losses incurred.

Refer to the table below for returns target corresponding to various risk profiles

Match your risk profile to suitable funds

Each fund carries a product risk rating (PRR) which is a measure of how risky the fund is (1 to 5, with 5 representing the highest risk level).

Risk ProfileRecommendation

Low (Level 1)

Investing in funds is not suitable for you

Low (Level 2)

Invest only in funds with PRR up to 2

Medium (Level 3)

Invest only in funds with PRR up to 3

Medium (Level 4)

Invest only in funds with PRR up to 4

High (Level 5)

Can invest in funds with PRR from 1 to 5

If you intend to invest in a fund with a PRR that is higher than what is recommended for your risk profile, you will be required to acknowledge that you are fully informed of the risks involved and still wish to proceed with the purchase.

Determine your risk profile

  • Complete the four-question Risk Profiling Questionnaire to determine your risk profile.
  • Use the Risk Profile filter in the Fund Search tool to view funds in each risk category. When you have selected your preferred fund, click "Buy Now" to transact via the DBS Online Funds Investment platform on iWealth.

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