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Turn potential investments into performance for your wealth. Explore investment opportunities exclusive to DBS with 3 unique in-house funds that are curated and monitored by experts, who take the necessary steps to ensure it stays aligned with our latest views.

Stay ahead of the curve with us as the world moves into the next digital and sustainable era. Discover more avenues to discuss with your Relationship Manager on how to keep your wealth working harder for you.


DBS I.D.E.A Fund

Be at the forefront of the next big evolution and reap the rewards worthy to those who dare to innovate, disrupt, enable, and adapt.

The DBS I.D.E.A. (Innovators, Disruptors, Enablers, and Adapters) Fund is based on our proprietary investment strategy that keeps the DBS Chief Investment Office on top of the latest trends, to identify companies that challenge the status quo, embrace the digital world, transform, and thrive.

Key Fund Highlights

  • Identifies secular winners riding the global digitalisation wave.
  • Aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by targeting profitable companies with the potential to scale and capitalise on expandable business models.
  • Includes companies in traditional businesses that successfully adapt to a changing world.
  • Consists of 40-70 high conviction stocks spanning across ~20 disruption themes.
  • Intended as a pure equity portfolio and will reference MSCI ACWI Index as a benchmark.
  • Managed by representatives from DBS Treasury & Markets (T&M) with DBS Private Bank’s Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) as the investment advisor.

Key risks to consider: Investment Strategy Risk, Concentration Risk, Foreign Exchange and Currency Risk, Foreign Market Risk, Issuer Specific Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Counterparty Risk etc.

Please refer to Disclaimers and Important Notes and Private Placement Memorandum for full risk disclosure.

Watch this video to see how you can identify the winners in the digital world:


CIO Barbell Income Fund

Enjoy the benefits of a regular investment income with a resilient portfolio built for the medium to long run.

The CIO Barbell Income Fund is based off the DBS CIO Barbell Strategy, a barbell approach to investing advocated by our DBS Chief Investment Office comprising:

  • Income-generating assets such as corporate bonds and dividend-yielding equities, given the ultra-low interest rate environment we are in; and
  • Secular growth equities that ride on long term, irreversible growth trends.

Key Fund Highlights

  • Multi-asset fund based on the DBS CIO Barbell Strategy Index Note, modified for income generation. It aims to distribute 3-4% per year to investors via quarterly distribution.
  • Aims to have a balanced risk profile with strategic asset allocation of 50% equities, 45% fixed income, and 5% cash.
  • Also writes covered calls against select growth equities in order to generate cash flow.

The fund is managed by Amundi and advised by DBS.


DBS ESG Focus Bond Fund

Capture opportunities for a better tomorrow, for your wealth and the planet.

Sustainable investing is an undeniable trend that is here to stay. And we are committed to ensuring your investments stay future-proof. With an average MSCI ESG rating of AA, these best-in-class companies prove there is no trade off between returns and making positive impact.

The Fund is also an answer to the need for sustainable income, as interest rates on cash deposits remain stubbornly low against rising inflationary pressure.

Key Fund Highlights:

  • Portfolio consists of at least 80 bonds issued by high ESG-rated global companies, across various industries.
  • Covered by DBS Group Research and Fixed Income Desk Analysts with minimum MSCI ESG rating of A and above.
  • Aims to distribute regular payouts to investors as yields continue to play an important role in the current low interest rate environment.

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