Investment Financing

Multi-Currency Revolving Term Loan

Maximises the potential of your existing investments and enjoy financial flexibility to capitalise on new investment opportunities across global currencies at any time.

Specially brought to DBS Treasures clients, our Multi-Currency Revolving Term Loan (MRTL) maximises the potential of your existing investment portfolio and allows you to enjoy financial flexibility across global currencies at any time.

Features of an MRTL

  • Multiply the potential of your existing investments
  • Acceptance of a wide range of collaterals: equities, bonds, unit trusts and cash held with us
  • Direct online drawdown from 10 currency choices*
  • Drawdown at any time and in any number of loans#
  • Flexibility in loan tenure from one month to one year for each online drawdown
  • Pay interest only on utilized amount
  • Up to SGD1million total credit limit

When to use an MRTL

Scenario 1: Meeting short-term liquidity needs

You set aside some cash for short-term liquidity needs. However, keeping cash in a low interest rate environment may reduce overall portfolio returns. With an MRTL facility, you can invest the cash and use your existing portfolio as collateral for a loan drawdown when a short-term liquidity need arises. This way, you do not lose the opportunity of gaining potentially higher returns.

Scenario 2: Capitalising on investment opportunities

You have a fully-invested portfolio but want to capitalise on an attractive investment opportunity. A money transfer from another financial institution may not be in time. With an MRTL facility, you can have ready credit to immediately draw down funds to act on investment opportunities.

How MRTL works

Fuss-free application

  • Available to clients with appropriate investment risk profile (Medium Level 3 and above) and SGD500,000 in assets under management
  • Secured by a portfolio of assets that may comprise of equities, bonds, unit trusts and cash (including CLI)
  • Relationship Manager will advise on applicable loan interest rate

Flexible utilisation

  • Up to SGD1million total credit limit
  • Drawdown at any time, in any number of loans#, and in your currency choice*
  • Minimum online drawdown of SGD20,000 or equivalent

Collateral monitoring

  • Ensure adequate collateral at all times
  • Collateral value must always be more than or equal to the drawdown amount
  • Collateral shortfall must be rectified within the stipulated period by either increasing collateral value or reducing the loan amount

Repayment options

  • Full repayment
  • Rollover
  • Combination of both

*10 currencies are Singapore Dollar, United States Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar

#As long as aggregate loan outstanding amount is within the facility limit and supported by adequate collateral

Drawdown of MRTL is available via iWealth

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