Legacy Planning

About Legacy Planning

The right legacy planning lets you preserve and pass on what’s most important to your precious ones.

About Protection Plans

After a lifetime of accomplishments, you want to protect everything you have achieved for your next generation. You also want the assurance that your family will always be provided for.
With the right legacy planning, and the right suite of solutions, you can protect, enhance and distribute your wealth as you wish.

More importantly, you can plan your legacy with some of these possible needs in mind:

  • Wealth Preservation
  • Legacy Enhancement
  • Income Gift for Children
  • Business Continuity
  • Income Supplement


Estate and Legacy Planning Webinar

Aprikot Knowledge’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Suraj Mishra and Manulife Singapore’s Head of Product Development Mr John Parker, discuss how wealth and legacy planning can be customised to ensure continuity and protect your wealth for the next generation to make sure distribution is kept to your wishes.

Secure your legacy through our suite of insurance solutions:
ManuSignature One – Whole Life Insurance for youManuSignature One – Whole Life Insurance for you
Build your legacy to continue supporting those who are most precious to you.
Heirloom (II) – Universal Life Insurance for youHeirloom (V) – Universal Life Insurance for you
Provide timely cash for your family’ to ‘protect what you have built for your family.

For more information, visit any DBS Treasures centre or

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