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Flexible premium option

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Transparent cost of insurance charges

Capped at 110% of current rates

Guaranteed minimum crediting rate

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Features & Benefits

Start planning with Heirloom (VI) – this flexible premium universal life insurance plan is designed to preserve your estate while providing a financial solution to enhance your legacy.

This plan offers you protection and growth of your hard-earned wealth while giving you flexibility.

  • Guaranteed minimum interest and additional guaranteed loyalty bonus1 crediting rate
  • Transparency in cost of insurance charges capped at 110% of current rates
  • Lower Face Amount charges for policies with Face Amount ≥ US$10 million
  • 6 underwriting risk classes - if you qualify for a preferential risk class, your policy charges could be lower
  • Quit Smoking Incentive
  • Flexibility to change2 your Life Insured
  • Flexible premium payments3
  • Free partial withdrawals4
  • Coverage against Death

How to Apply

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1 Guaranteed loyalty bonus crediting starts from 11th policy year and ends immediately before the policy anniversary after the Life Insured's 100th birthday.
2 Policy Owner may request to change the Life Insured after 2 years from the Policy Issue Date. Acceptance of the new Life Insured is at Manulife’s sole and absolute discretion and will depend upon the insurability of this new Life Insured, as well as other Terms and Conditions as Manulife shall determine from time to time. Cost of Insurance will be based on the new Life Insured’s age, sex, country of residence, underwriting class and any additional ratings. For more details, please refer to the Product Contract.
3 The actual amount and frequency of premium payments will affect the Policy Value and potentially the Death Benefit, as well as how long the policy is kept in force.
4 Heirloom (VI) allows you to perform partial withdrawals without incurring surrender charges or reducing the Face Amount on the condition that the withdrawal is made from 11th Policy Year onwards, and the total withdrawal amount in a particular policy year does not exceed 5% of the Policy Value at the previous anniversary after monthly deductions.

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Information is correct as at 7 December 2018.

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