Legacy Planning

Signature Income – Whole Life Insurance for you

Build financial stability with income payouts for you and your next generation.

Manulife ReadyIncome

Gift more to your loved ones with Signature Income – A single premium whole life insurance plan designed to give you or your child a supplementary income stream while ensuring you stay protected.

This plan offers you a host of benefits to increase your policy value while giving you coverage and flexibility.

  • One-time premium for a lifetime of income1
  • Monthly or yearly income payouts1
  • Choice of your preferred currency
  • Option to accumulate income payouts for higher returns2
  • Policy can be transferred3 to your next generation
  • Coverage on Death and Terminal Illness to age 99
  • Guaranteed Day 1 Surrender Value
    Your account has cash value from day 1, at 80% of your single premium

This plan can help you with the possible needs of:

1 Signature Income provides monthly or yearly income from 5th policy year until the Life Insured reaches age 99 or until the termination of the policy, whichever is earlier. Income payout consists of guaranteed and nonguaranteed portion. Monthly income is payable starting from one month after the 4th Policy Anniversary until policy maturity. Yearly Income is payable starting from 5th Policy Anniversary until policy maturity.
2 The income payout can be accumulated with Manulife at the prevailing interest rate. The interest rate is subject to change by Manulife with 30 days’ advance notice to the Policy Owner.
3 Transfer of policy ownership via assignment is allowed anytime while the policy is in force. The assignee must be at least 18 years old.

Information is correct as at 24 July 2017.

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