Credit Cards Balance Transfer

Credit Cards Balance Transfer


Now, getting the extra cash for all the things that matter is even easier. It's convenient to apply, and it comes with promotional interest rates of 0% p.a. + 4.5% administration fee (EIR 5.20%p.a.*). Do it the smart way with DBS Credit Cards Balance Transfer today.

Simply sign up for a DBS Credit Cards Balance Transfer to transfer the available credit limit on your DBS/POSB Credit Card account to your deposit account as cash with repayment flexibility!


Benefits and Features

Here's what you can enjoy with DBS Credit Cards Balance Transfer:

Promotional interest rates

Tenure 6 months 12 months
Applied interest rate (p.a.) 0% 0%
Administration fee 2.50% 4.50%
Effective interest rate (p.a.)* 5.34% 5.20%

Interest savings

As compared to interest rates of 24% p.a. on other banks' credit cards, you can save so much more with our low Balance Transfer rates.

For a Balance Transfer amount of S$10,000 6 months 12 months
Interest charged and administration fee 0% p.a. + 2.5%
(EIR 5.34% p.a.*)
0% p.a. + 4.5%
(EIR 5.20% p.a.*)
Interest charges S$0 S$0
One-off administration fee S$250 S$450
Interest from other banks' credit cards at 24% p.a. S$1,200 S$2,400
Your savings (up to) S$950
(79% savings^)
(81% savings^)

Figures are simplified for illustration purposes.

* The Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is calculated based on an approved Balance Transfer amount of S$10,000 with monthly minimum payment of 3% of amount transferred and full payment of the outstanding amount transferred at the end of the tenure. EIR is subject to compounding if the monthly finance charges are not paid in full. A one-off administration fee of 2.5% and 4.5% for loan tenure of 6 and 12 months respectively will be debited from your DBS Credit Card account accordingly.

^ Interest savings with DBS Credit Card Balance Transfer (for repayment over 6 months or 12 months) when compared to interest rate of 24% p.a. on other credit cards.

Flexible repayment

Choose a loan tenure you are comfortable with, and pay as little as S$50 or 3% of the statement balance, whichever is greater.


Sign Up Today!

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DBS Credit Card Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

Please be informed that amendments have been made to the terms governing Credit Cards Balance Transfer, all of which will take effect on 31 December 2012. Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions (31 December 2012)