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HDB Loan

HDB LoanSave S$20,000 with the DBS HDB Loan! Guaranteed lower than the HDB Concessionary Loan rate!

Private Property Home Loan

Loan PackagesTools to help you compute your home loan needs.

Bridging Loan

 Bridging LoanFund the down payment of a new property while you wait for sales proceeds from your existing property.

Refinance Your Loan

Refinance Your LoanRefinance your home loan and save on interest — plus other great benefits.

Managing Your Mortgage

Managing Your MortgageThank you for taking up a DBS mortgage. Here are some things you should know to help you manage it better.

Commercial & Industrial Property Loan

Commercial & Industrial Property LoanMove your business or investment forward with one of the best commercial and industrial property loan packages in the market.

FAQ - Update GIRO Payment Limit

  1. What is update GIRO payment limit service?

    This service allows you to update the payment limit of your existing Interbank GIRO (IBG) linkages under your DBS and POSB accounts. You are allowed to update multiple payment limits of your accounts in one transaction. Each update will be assigned to a unique transaction reference number.

    Simply tick on the checkbox of your selected accounts as shown in the below screenshot.

  2. When will my request to update GIRO payment limit be effective?

    Your request to update to the new GIRO payment limit will be effective within 4 working days of your request submission. During this processing period, please refrain from submitting a similar request through our DBS/POSB Branches, Call Centre or by mail.

  3. What are the accounts and existing GIRO Arrangement available for update GIRO payment limit?

    You can update your GIRO payment limit of your existing GIRO Arrangement under your DBS and POSB accounts.
    Accounts with existing GIRO Arrangement available for update are as follows:

    • Personal or joint-alternate accounts
    • DBS Savings Plus, DBS Current/Autosave, POSB Savings, POSB Current.
    Please note that GIRO Arrangement under a Joint-All account or Trust-Minor account will not be available for change of payment limit.

  4. What do I specify if I do not have a preferred new payment limit for my GIRO arrangement?

    If you do not wish to set a cap limit for GIRO arrangement, please enter "0" as your new payment limit. Kindly note that when you set "0" as the default limit, there will not be any cap limit to your GIRO amount.

  5. Why is my request to update my GIRO payment limit rejected?

    The system only allows one payment limit update per GIRO Arrangement in one day. Any additional requests will be rejected by the system as shown in the below screenshot.