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Personal Loans


DBS Personal Loan

DBS Personal LoanEnjoy fixed interest rate and monthly instalments to better manage your finances.

DBS Debt Consolidation Plan

DBS Debt Consolidation PlanRefinance your outstanding loans into one!
Interest rates from as low as 4.58%p.a (8.22%p.a EIR)#

DBS Cashline

DBS CashlineA standby line of credit which gives you the access to funds anywhere, anytime.

DBS Balance Transfer

DBS Cashline Balance TransferGet extra cash the smart way!


Reinstatement of Suspended Accounts

Reinstatement of Suspended AccountsReinstate your suspended accounts

Income Update for Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans

Income Update for Credit Cards and Unsecured LoansEnsure smooth usage of your Credit Cards and Unsecured Loans by updating your income with us

Cashline Credit Limit Review

DBS Cashline Credit Limit ReviewReach your life goals by empowering your credit limit.

DBS Cashline Auto Top-Up

DBS Cashline Auto Top-UpEnjoy the assurance of a minimum bank balance to cover all your necessary expenses.

CashCare Protector

CashCare ProtectorA protection plan that pays off the outstanding amount on your DBS Cashline Account in the event of unforeseen circumstances.