Your personal mobile wallet
With DBS PayLah! you can send and receive money instantly on your phone. All you need is your buddy’s mobile number. No account details required! It’s so simple to share a meal, a movie or anything at all. Simply whip out your phone and send cash instantly!

Send & receive money in seconds!
Simply pick your buddy’s phone number, enter an amount and submit! Receiving money is immediate and hassle-free too! The money goes directly into your own DBS PayLah! wallet instantly.

Safe and secure
DBS PayLah! is designed with safety features so that users can use it with confidence! A personal password is required to access and use the DBS PayLah! app.

Examples of when you can use DBS Paylah!
Split the bill when you share a meal with friends!
Pay your kid's math tutor!
Give your children pocket money! And more!

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