API Save Time for Parents and Schools

Read how APIs effectively cut down the time parents need to make payments at their children’s schools.

school fee management API

Our client provides a platform to deliver management solutions to preschools and parents. It wanted to improve one particular aspect of its offering; fee management, by making it easier for parents to pay school fees online rather than in person at the school. We were asked to help. At that point, many parents were paying their fees in cash. They visited their child’s school at specific times – often during office hours – to settle their invoices, leaving the schools to manually reconcile these cash payments with those paid by cheque and some online transfers.

This created a significant administrative overhead for the schools; dealing with cash, keeping track of payments, and explaining invoices to parents by email or in person.

To address the problem, an app was developed to invoice parents and allow them to pay their fees directly from the app. We integrated banking functionalities into the app using RAPID (Real-time APIs with DBS), our suite of API solutions.

Integrating credit confirmation and payment functionalities directly into the app has created a powerful solution.

For parents, it has eliminated the need for inconvenient school visits to pay fees and cut correspondence around fee payments. They now receive clear invoices and a receipt immediately on payment, so they know the funds have been received.

For the preschools, most payments are now cashless, improving hygiene and eliminating the risks and inconvenience of managing money. And as most payments come through the app, reconciliation is much easier than before.

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