renminbi solutions

Renminbi Services

Turn our Renminbi expertise into your business opportunities

Renminbi Services

Turn our Renminbi expertise into your business opportunities

Renminbi Solutions

As China's share of global trade continues on the growth trajectory, we are well positioned to help you seize on new opportunities for trade and capital flows in RMB. Our deep roots in Asia give us an unrivalled depth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the intricacies of doing business in the region’s most dynamic markets and spotting renminbi growth opportunities. 

Why use the Renminbi (RMB)?

Strengthen ties with your Chinese business partners by settling cross-border transactions quickly


Broaden your network of suppliers and buyers in China by using their preferred currency (RMB)

Mitigate exposure to FX risks via the natural hedge provided by RMB inflows and outflows

Enhance price transparency and negotiations without the need for FX costs

Our Comprehensive Suite of RMB Products and Solutions
RMB Corporate Account
  • Manage remittances and FX transactions while trading efficiently in RMB
  • Accelerate cross-border payments and collections with an RMB account
RMB Remittance
  • Speed up cross-border payments with real-time SWIFT gpi fund tracking service for inward and outward remittances
RMB Foreign Exchange
  • Exchange RMB instantly 24/7 via Instant FX Conversion on our DBS IDEAL online banking platform
  • Set price alerts to maximise opportunities on currency movements and mitigate your FX risk
RMB Liquidity Management
  • Benefit from cash concentration, notional pooling, cross-bank sweeping, regional interest optimisation services and more.
  • The Rise and Digitisation of the Renminbi


  • Contours of the GBA Wealth Connect


  • Understanding China : RMB Internationalisation 2.0


  • Understanding China: GBA integration gathers pace


  • China’s onshore bond and FX markets – A primer for foreign investors


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