4 things you need to know about DBS digibank app

4 things you need to know about DBS digibank app

If you’ve only got a minute:

  • Everyday banking can be done easily and quickly with the DBS digibank app wherever and whenever you are, right from your mobile phone
  • Check your account balance and transfer money in seconds
  • Replace or block your card without making a call
  • Have a peace of mind with enhanced security features
  • Get the help you need any time with DBS digibot

Skip the ATM queue. Or plans to visit a branch.

With the DBS digibank mobile app, you can bank easily, quickly and smartly anytime, anywhere. It’s even easy to guide your family members on how they can benefit from these conveniences – after all, this is DBS digibanking.

So what does this mean for you?

1. Check balance and transfer money in seconds

Wondering if your salary has been credited or what your latest account balance is? Simply open your DBS digibank app and tap on “Peek Balance” – there’s no need to spend another second logging in!

Need to transfer money to another account or make payment at a hawker stall? Tap on PayNow or Scan & Pay (for QR-based purchases), log in using your PIN or through facial or fingerprint recognition, and you’re done!

And if you’ve recently moved your residence or changed your contact details, updating your particulars in the digibank app means updating your official residential address and contact information in our records – there’s no need to head down to a branch! Log in, tap on “More” tab, scroll all the way down to “Your Profile” and tap on ‘Update Contact Details”.

2. Replace or block your card without making a call

Of course, we’d love to speak to you anytime! But if you’re short of time, need to block a card immediately or would like to request a replacement for your damaged card, you can do so right from your digibank app in a few taps: Simply log in, tap on the ‘More’ tab, and ‘Replace/Block Card’ tile – it’s that easy.

3. Have a peace of mind with enhanced security features

Keeping your online banking safe is our priority that is non-negotiable. From multi-factor authentication such as facial recognition to the use of a digital token (where the OTP is generated and verified in the background on a registered device), we safeguard your banking with our advanced technology.

But there’s no need to carry around another token device or depend on SMS OTP - bank securely while enjoying the convenience of digital banking. To set it up your Digital Token, simply log in to digibank app, tap on ‘More’, then scroll down and tap on ‘Manage digital token’, enter the OTP and you’re done!

4. Get the help you need any time

Have you ever come face-to-face with a problem that’s just so pressing that you really need someone’s help immediately? Well, here’s where the DBS digibot – your 24/7 virtual assistant can help.

From pending transactions to cheque status, reward points enquiry, transaction disputes and more, simply ask the DBS digibot found right within your DBS digibank app - yes to no more waiting on the line!

Don’t have your DBS digibank mobile app yet? You’ve been missing out but that ends right now. Get yours here:


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