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Opening a bank account should be simple, fast and convenient, without having to visit the Branch.

Have an existing Savings or Current Account?

To apply for a new personal account online, simply login with your ATM/Debit Card & Pin or digibank (online/mobile) for instant application.

Alternatively, apply for a new joint-alternate account online and upload the required documents for both applicants respectively.

Do not have an existing Savings or Current account?

A. Open an account via digibank NEW

You can open a personal My Account more easily via digibank!

For Singaporeans/PRs ​
Simply sign up via Myinfo with Singpass on our digibank app!​ ​

For Foreigners​
Please prepare these required documents to open an account.

Sign up on DBS digibank


B. Open an account via online application​

For Singaporeans/PRs
Get instant approval for your new account via Myinfo with Singpass online - no paperwork and document upload required.​ ​

For Foreigners​
Online account application is only available for Foreigners who are holding valid Singapore work pass (e.g. employment / S pass) or student pass.

Simply complete the online application and upload the required documents for your personal or joint-alternate account application. For joint-alternate account, individual applicant is required to provide each set of the required documents.​

Simply complete the online application and upload the required documents.

Your application will be processed within 3 working days. Thereafter, the debit card will be mailed to you.
Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation, your application could be delayed. We seek your understanding during this period.

Start using your new account by simply activating your debit card.


Apply for these accounts:

My Account

The first account you can customise to the way you live.

Personal Account

Joint-Alternate Account

DBS Multiplier Programme

Every relationship should be this rewarding. Enjoy higher interest of up to 3.00% p.a. with us.

Personal Account

SAYE Account

Enjoy higher interest when you credit your salary, and enjoy successful monthly savings with us.

Personal Account

If you do not have a Savings Account with us, it will be automatically opened for you.

eMySavings Account

An automatic monthly Savings Account with special interest rates – giving you flexibility and control.

Personal Account

Joint-Alternate Account

If you do not have a Savings Account with us, it will be automatically opened for you.


Online Banking Services

  • Transfer money and pay bills
  • View online statements
  • Activate cards
  • GIRO/Standing Instructions Application

You are required to update your signature for your newly-opened account at any DBS/POSB branches before submitting any physical GIRO/Standing Instruction application form.


Need Help?

Deposit Insurance Scheme
Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors and monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$75,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.

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